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No Joke…..This Is A Real News Story

June 2, 2009

A fool and his money.

An Illinois resident probably wishes he never came to Madison Friday, after he was robbed at gunpoint, had his car stolen by the robbers, then had more money taken the next morning after he tried to buy his car back, Madison police reported.

To top it all off, the suspects crashed the guy’s car into a light pole after the car was spotted by police.

The tragi-comedy started when the 29-year-old Illinoisan came to Madison to meet up with some friends.

“While looking for them, two men approached his Buick Century when he was parked in the Villager Mall lot on Park Street,” said Madison Police spokesman Joel DeSpain. “He decided to go to a bar with the two men and let one of them drive his car.”

On the way to the nightclub, Club Five on the south side, the driver picked up two other guys.

“As the car entered the club’s lot, the driver ordered the victim to get out and one of the guys in the backseat pulled a gun and demanded his money and cell phone,” DeSpain said.

The victim obliged and watched the four suspects drive off in his car.

The next morning, the victim called his own cell phone.

“He arranged to get his car back, for $500,” DeSpain said.

The victim met the thieves near Darbo Drive, where the third robbery took place.

“They just took his money,” DeSpain said. And drove off once again.

A couple of hours later, officers spotted the Buick Century on Taft Street.

“An officer turned on his squad’s lights and siren and tried to stop the Buick, but the Buick crashed into a light pole on Beld Street,” DeSpain said.

The two occupants of the stolen car bolted and weren’t caught.

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