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Clearly Some Milton Middle School Kids Need Better Parenting

June 3, 2009

I just do not get it.  And I do not want to hear any excuses from the parents.

When I heard the news about three middle school kids nearly over-dosing on heroin in Milton I just stared at the TV, and did not know how to respond.    My first very honest reaction was to say out loud to James “I would not even know how to get weed”, (and I am 46) which we do not use but the point was made.  Where in hell are kids getting heroin? 

What in the world is going on with kids these days?   When I was in middle school the kick was having a girl to lift her top out back after school before the buses came to take us all home.  Now kids are nearly overdosing on heroin!  I was saving my lunch money as a kid over the school year to buy Christmas presents, and the kids today are out buying/stealing one of the cruelest drugs available?   If you read the story below the kids thought perhaps the drug was cocaine……but still…….cocaine in 8th grade!! 

(My head spins as I write here.)

There is a serious lack of something going on at home for this type of behavior to exhibit itself.   Somewhere the communication gap between parent and child has snapped in two.  Perhaps too many parents are absent from home, and not engaged in the part of parenting that takes place long after the biological fireworks have been completed.  Too many adults I think are of the mind that once the kid is hatched that it somehow raises itself.

The proof that this is not the case is here to read.

The Milton School District is looking to take action after three middle school students overdosed on heroin.

Police are also recommending charges in the case, which stems from an incident on May 16. Police said three eighth-graders from Milton Middle School overdosed in a park. All three have since recovered.

Police said a first encounter with heroin almost ended a life before reaching high school.  

“One of the juveniles had actually stolen (heroin) from one of his friends’ parents, and they subsequently snorted it at a residence in Milton and went to an area park, where all three boys started suffering from the side effects of heroin use,” said Milton Police Chief Jerry Schuetz.  

A passer-by in South Goodrich Park found the three teens, one unconscious, and got help.  

Investigators said the eighth-graders didn’t even know what they put in their system.  

“One of the juveniles testified that they thought it might have been cocaine, which is why I think that they snorted it. The other juveniles were not exactly at all sure what they were using,” said Schuetz. 

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