Absolute Disgust With North Korea’s Kim Jong Il

There are no shortage of words to convey my thoughts this morning over the bizarre and utterly unconscionable behavior exhibited by North Korea regarding two U.S. journalists.  Within the warped mind of the leader of North Korea, sentencing these two journalists  to 12 years in a labor camp may seem like a fantastic power play that allows Kim Jong Il ‘leverage’.  Truth is the mentally unstable leader of North Korea needs to be boxed ever tighter into an economic power squeeze until his eyes pop. 

Enough is enough.

China needs to become engaged at a higher and more moral level in regards to curtailing the actions of this backward nation.  China has the ability to yank the money, and control the situation to a much larger degree in North Korea.  When the little freakish dictator, Kim Jong Il, blusters about extreme measures that will be taken if the civilized world makes a stand and works to stop his belligerent attitude, then China has a decision to make too.  Are they playing to the future aims of the global community, or are they constructing another power play in their backyard that will have international consequences?  China may feel they have a vested interest in seeing Japan and South Korea kept on the defensive, but real world tensions that result in chaos will injure all parties in that region in one way or another.

I usually abhor the idea of having the CIA assassinate foreign leaders.  I usually abhor the idea……….

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