Amazing Statistic Is Sad One

I admit to being addicted….to chocolate.  So when I read the following today I felt really sad for the little kids that are a part of this statistic. 

As more Indians begin to treat themselves to little luxuries, Cadbury PLC hopes to capture millions of new customers with chocolates that sell for a few pennies.

The British candy maker has been in India for more than 60 years and dominates the chocolate market here. Still, less than half of India’s 1.1-billion population has ever tasted chocolate.  (This is about 600,000 million people!!)  Traditional sweets or “mithai” still dominate the industry in India, where sweets are given and eaten at festivals.

Wouldn’t you love to have lots of money, travel to India, give kids their first taste of chocolate, and watch their faces light up?

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