New Word Found Today In Newspaper

There are not many times while reading a newspaper that I find a new word that I have not encountered before in a book  or crossword puzzle.  After all, newspapers are written so the average 5th grader can read and understand them.   So it made me stop when I found a new word I had never seen before on the front page of the Wall Street Journal in a story about Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and the European Union vote.  While I was able to discern the meaning at once, I was still intrigued by the word, and the fact it was used in a newspaper.

When I went on-line to get the story for this post I found that the word has been removed, and a more commonly used word has replaced the one found in the the newspaper.

Here is the paragraph, with my typing in the original newspaper word in bold, and placing it in parenthesises.

The U.K.’s ruling Labour Party suffered big losses Sunday in early results from elections for European Parliament seats, heaping further pressure on Prime Minister Gordon Brown and giving a (big fillip) lift to fringe parties as voters expressed their anger over the Parliamentary expense scandal.

Why the reporter felt it necessary to change the word for the on-line version of her story is unclear to me.  I absolutely loved the fact I ran across a new word in the paper.  That is a rarity, and makes the reading of the paper more delightful.

BTW, fillip means bonus: anything that tends to arouse; “his approval was an added fillip” ….A flick; the act of releasing the index finger from the hold of a thumb with a snap; Something that excites or stimulates

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