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…At The Wisconsin Assembly Budget Session

June 13, 2009

God I love WisPolitics Blog.  This is the site where the action of the State Assembly’s budget votes also blends with some humor and wonderful tidbits.

Who can go to bed?  I mean it….this stuff makes me giggle.  OK, I am a geek.


 8:46 PM  Parking violations  Many are back in their seats, but we are in a slight delay because members have gone out to move their cars, according to the Speaker’s office. Tomorrow morning is Farmer’s Market on the Capitol Square, and the police have notified the lawmakers that they have to move their cars by 4 a.m.


 11:59 PM  Mood lighting?

 We’ve reached midnight, and the lights just dimmed in the chamber. Are they trying to make it more conducive for napping? Or has the state really run out of money? 

 12:36 AM  Still here

 Yes, the Assembly keeps chugging along. They’re up to amendment 69 now. Nothing has passed yet.

Not much drama lately. Dems move to table, Republicans offer their reasons for why it’s important, Dems don’t respond, vote is taken. Repeat.

 12:54 AM 


The motion to table amendment 73 actually failed. The roll call was 48-50.

The amendment would have required a binding referendum for the Milwaukee RTA. Milwaukee Dems Cullen and Krusick, along with Ziegelbauer and Wood, joined Republicans in voting against tabling.

The session went informal for a few minutes as Dems figured out their next move.

After a few minutes a vote was taken on adoption. In this vote, Wood sided with the Dems against adoption, and the amendment was defeated.

Republicans hooted and howled. They had a ray of hope there, and it was snuffed out

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