What Do You Say To These Folks?

Yesterday the opening line in the newspaper about the digital TV transition  started off with this sentence, which I think also struck the right tone.

Despite a year-long effort by the government, broadcasters and cable operators to warn people of the digital-TV switch, about 2.8 million households remained completely unprepared as of Wednesday, according to Nielsen Co.

How can anyone be completely unprepared after the endless articles, and news stories about the end of analog broadcasts?  It baffles the mind to think it possible.

My theory to the question posed by my post is that perhaps some people are beyond help.

Final Word On David Letterman And Sarah Palin

I do not have a problem with political jokes. Period.

I expect the late night shows to poke fun at the political class.

I laughed when Clinton was beat every night with jokes. I laugh at those about Obama, and did so with the latest Palin ones.

I do not think we need to have anyone say if a joke is over the line or not. Folks at home can make that decision with the remote. To be honest I did not hear about the jokes until Palin let the press release fly. Had I been watching I would have laughed and not been insulted.

Bristol, is an adult. She is fair game. She goes on national TV for interviews, and has now put herself out there.

In a larger context, I think once Sarah Palin put her whole family `out there’ for political purposes in 2008, her son the warrior in Iraq, her troubled daughter who was pregnant, her husband who had worked with a group to have Alaska secede from the Union, then I think Sarah made them all fair game. Politics is a tough business. That is not news. Sarah however decided her goals were/are more important than that of her family.

And NO ONE…except Sarah Palin when she tried to make a political point about Letterman by USING her family again in a press release….thought Letterman was talking about anyone except for Bristol Palin.  NO ONE.   And NO ONE thought there was any rape at all in the joke.  NO ONE….except Sarah Palin who wanted some press……at her family’s expense.

Sarah Palin uses her family, and then some conservatives get all excited because she gets what she wants with the media hype.

Sarah can not have it both ways.

So in conclusion…….

Listen to the Letterman joke then…..

Read the Palin press release….

Since there was no mention of the 14 year old in the joke….

And since there was no mention of rape in the joke…

But there was mention of the 14 year old in the Palin’s press release…..

Ask yourself who is really to blame for this whole affair.