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John Williams Out As Morning Man On WGN Radio

June 15, 2009

I really do not make it a daily ritual to find something to complain about.  But there are times when I think the universe is out to push all my buttons.  The news out of WGN Radio, once a station I raved about, (as this blog has often shown) is absolutely wretched!


As some of my readers my recall I applauded shamelessly the announcement of John Williams as the new morning drive for WGN Radio.  He is cerebral, witty, and perfect for the morning.  His questions to those he interviewed were sharp and focused, and it was clear they originated in a head full of ideas and facts.  He was the verbal equivalent of a morning cup of coffee.  I absolutely love this guy!

So what did WGN Radio do………?

WGN Radio today announced that veteran radio host, news anchor and correspondent Greg Jarrett will join the station as the morning host on June 22. Jarrett will lead the morning team from 5am to 9am and John Williams will host the 9am to 12 noon talk show.

Well at least WGN did not fire him, as they did with our Girlfriends.

I am sure in the muddled mind of WGN Radio managment this cluster ‘screw’ of bad ideas makes perfect sense.  But for those of us who still have wrist control, and a lighted dial on our radio to see where to turn our AM radio, we know there are other places to go.

For starters.

  1. judimac permalink
    November 11, 2009 12:08 PM

    Force of habit makes me turn on WGN every morning. (Besides it’s on at night when I go to bed.) I cringe when I hear someone say, ” Welcome to Chicago, Greg. Great show!) This guy is a pompous ass. His attempts at being funny are pathetic. Please get back into your airplane and fly back to where you came from. Oh, wait, they got rid of you, so I’m pretty sure they won’t be taking you back. Those lucky people won’t have to hear who took you to dinner and who bought you a beer and how many people came up to you during the soccer game and all that stuff that makes you so important.(gag) I am curious as to WGN ratings. So many people have said that they are turning GN off since all the changes in programing. What else can we do except complain to management and they don’t seem to care.

  2. Tom Ryan permalink
    November 10, 2009 10:03 PM

    I tried. I didn’t realize that Greg Jarrett has been here since June 22. The guy’s a cold fish with a big ego. Finally turned off WGN for good this week and started listening to WBBM. See how long that lasts. I just can’t stand listening to the guy anymore.

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