Norm Coleman: “Time To End Charade In Senate Race”

How many times does a dog need to be slapped on the nose with the newspaper before he stays off the davenport?

2 thoughts on “Norm Coleman: “Time To End Charade In Senate Race”

  1. Delicious

    I just wanted to point out that your headline is a touch misleading. The article was written by Nick Coleman, a journalist who is not related to Norm Coleman. Your headline implies (to me, anyway) that Norm Coleman is quoted as saying “Time to end charade in Sentate race.” That is actually the opinion of Nick Coleman, the author of the article.

    Thanks for the link, though. I haven’t been keeping a close eye on this lately.

    1. You are right….

      I did not even notice the writer of the story, so was not linking the Coleman name in any way. But after looking again at the headline of my post it appears that Norm Coleman made the comment. He did not. That was not my intent, but it comes off that way.

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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