State Gives August Deadline For AIDS Network To Fix Problems

After my post today on the AIDS Network, I offer this as follow up.

After a year-long formal review of the AIDS Network, state health officers said the nonprofit still has problems with how it operates and needs to fix everything by August.  

Clients and former clients contend services there could and should be much better.  

Local residents living with HIV or AIDS and their supporters picketed in front of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services Tuesday.  

They allege the state has been too slow on its oversight of HIV/AIDS services and that services from the AIDS Network aren’t up to snuff.  

In fact, some said they have to drive to other cities for help.  

Bob Bowers used the AIDS Network for four years before quitting because he couldn’t get the services he wanted.  

“It’s important for folks to realize the fact that I have to drive to Milwaukee to access the same care and services I should be getting here in Madison, and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be here in Madison,” Bowers said.  

Greg Milward resigned from the board of the AIDS Network a year and a half ago. He also said he has problems with the way services are delivered, compared to the other AIDS agency in the state that gets public financing.  

“There’s equitable funding. There are not equitable services,” Milward said.  

At issue is how the AIDS Network, which sponsors the big annual AIDS ride fundraiser, disperses and tracks services to its clients in a 13-county region in south-central Wisconsin, including Madison.  

“In very late 2007 it came to our attention that there were deficiencies,” said Seth Foldy, the state’s public health officer.  (WHO WAS SLEEPING ON THE JOB TO MISS THIS!)

Four on site state visits since June 2008 led to 38 directives for corrective action. But nearly a year later, almost a third of them have yet to be fully met, WISC-TV reported.  

Because of that, the state has granted the Network only “conditional” state and federal funding through September.  

But it could have been worse.  

“If we had not seen the rate of improvement that we did see on most of the items that we’ve been following, more drastic action would have been taken,” Foldy said. 

3 thoughts on “State Gives August Deadline For AIDS Network To Fix Problems

  1. Susan

    How could Foldy from the DHS make this kind of statement–that they only discovered these problems in very late 2007? I work at the state and there has been FOR YEARS talk of the fact that this agency never has its charting up to snuff, that they have difficulty with confidentiality issues, that their reports to the state on their various funded projects come in late or insufficient. While I do believe in sheilding good agencies from undo harassment, I hardly think that the AIDS Network qualifies for that rating!

    1. The money will only provide for the building of a dentist office, and there are reasons to wonder how the other aspects of a dental firm is to be funded. The fact that a dental office has not been up and running for years, like ARCW does, as well as a food bank, etc…..are all things that those who give to the ACT bike ride and other fund raising options through the AN need to be mindful of. Mark Pocan can get the cash into the state budget, but can the AN spread it around in such a fashion as to make the AN look worthy of it. That is the doubtful question.

      Everyone wants a successful AIDS type non-profit, but the fact is the AIDS Network, due to very poor and reckless management, has proven it is not the best way to provide services in south central Wisconsin.

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