Vote Caffeinated Politics As Madison’s Favorite Local Blog

I post about elections of one sort or another all the time.  Now it is time for me to ask  for your vote for Caffeinated Politics as Madison’s Favorite Local Blog.

The Isthmus is conducting their annual “Madison’s Favorites”, and you can make your selection on-line.  To make any selection count you will need to fill in 20 of the categories listed.  You need to fill out the form by June 18th at 5:00 P.M.

I work pretty hard to keep this blog active and fresh.  I do not have a team that works on this blog, it is just me.  I have fun with it, and hope you enjoy your time here.  If you feel it worthy of your vote, I say thanks.  If not, I still thank you for stopping by my little slice of cyberspace.


This is my desk at home where it all happens.  I often think of those who first lived in this house in 1892, and wonder what they would say about the internet information super-highway.

3 thoughts on “Vote Caffeinated Politics As Madison’s Favorite Local Blog

    1. I only want your vote if you think I deserve it.

      I added your blog simply because you asked. There are so many blogs, and as you can see I do not have many in my blog roll.

      I wish you all the best in the blogging world.

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