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Warm Evenings Of Childhood Once More

June 17, 2009

It is not too broad of a statement to say that the experience I had this evening  was not unlike a blank canvas where a variety of memories, sights, sounds, and smells all were placed together to create a most remarkable sensation.

I was in the kitchen shortly after six this evening, and for whatever reason the rays of sunshine as they cast  light on the floor and all around the room made me think of something I had not reflected on for a long time.  It is amazing how a simple thing like sunshine at just the right angle can create a flood of memories. 

As a child on warm sunny evenings after supper (a word that has slipped away from my usage as I grew up) my dad would go outside to either plant a few more tomato plants, or make sure the potato bugs were under control.  He might start the lawn mower  and get a patch of the lawn looking as perfect as if a professional crew had been brought in to do the job.  My mom would hasten to clean up the kitchen, and then go out to either water some flowers, move some plants, or trim around the house after the mowing.  We all would be outside until the light was dimming, or the mosquitoes became so bad that we had to give in and call it a night.  Often before the three of us all went in we would walk around the garden or the flowers or such and view the work that was done.

The light in the kitchen this evening was so perfect, and my memories so clear it was as if all this had happened just yesterday.  I had planned to mow the lawn this evening so I got ready to go outside.  When I was out on our stoop my senses had more to take in.  The sound of the neighbor’s lawn mower, then the scent of cut grass tinged with that smell of gasoline from the motor moved me further along on the train ride of a memory that I already was taking.  (It was the same sound and scent as if my dad was out on the lawn cutting grass.)  James was already outdoors and transplanting  a small bush and hosta.  (It was if my mom was doing her traditional work with flowers and plants.)   All the things happening were just amazingly coincidental for the mood and memory that had started in the kitchen.  It was really a strange, yet wonderful moment.   As I looked all around the flowers with simple blooms just seemed to radiate colors in a more heightened fashion. 

This whole scenario above played out in about five minutes, and was really intense.  Not sad in any way.  Instead it was more a feeling of contentment and gratitude.  These decades later, and many miles away from my childhood home, the continuum of my life has not been broken.  Not so long ago a person with insight, and specialized skills told me I was on the right path with my life.  Tonight I think I more fully understand what she meant.   The simple and even mundane things of childhood blend in with the man I have grown into.  There is harmony with the past, and a satisfaction that I have taken all the good parts of my childhood and made them a part of my adult life.  Some  might say the memory tonight, and the way it played out was ‘the universe providing’, while I tend to see more of God somehow involved.  The end result was peaceful, and when I finally got to mowing I knew I was where I was meant to be.

Who knew the power of some rays of sunshine!

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