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Fallout From Obama Memorandum On Partnership Rights

June 18, 2009

No one is happy with the move by President Obama late yesterday concerning a weak memorandum which ‘addresses’ gay partnerships for some federal employees.  How brave!

No one is pleased.

Especially, commenter Solly.

And for good reason.  

I found Solly to connect better with the story than the press articles I was reading this morning, and as such I post this comment here for all to read and let it stand on its own.

you are way too kind Deke, that’s why God created me, to balance the cosmos. Timid? My description would be lame-ass. This is typical of what I’d be called to do after the top dogs in a goverment agency made a promise, and then we’d have to come up with examples that correspond with the promise. Lame-ass. And gee, Obama’s ceremony was at the end of the day, only a few hours before the time Bill Clinton signed DOMA years ago in the middle of the night, how appropriate.

I was disgusted to see Tammy Baldin smiling in the background when Obama signed his courageous “memo” and making apologies for him afterwords on Rachel Maddow. He could have done this on his first day in office. Fierce Advocate? I don’t think so. It must affect maybe 10, 20 people in the federal goverment. (not that I begrudge them any, even slight improvement in their employment)

Next time I get a fundraising solicitation from the DNC, Senate Campaign Committee or Tammy Baldwin, the business reply envelope is going back filled with cardboard until there is some real commitment and progress. And no, I’m not some political neophyte who doesn’t realize how tough it is to change laws, I’ve been involved in politics since the 70s, and I recognize when we’re being patted on the head on the way to the back of the bus. Obama is treating us the way Reagan, Bush I and Shrub treated the anti-choice people, gin them up, get their votes and contributions, and do nothing but a few symbolic throw away gestures. This is WORSE than nothing. This is demeaning and insulting. This was my email yesterday to Tammy:

Dear Congresswoman Baldwin,
Please withdraw from the DNC LGBT fundraiser on June 25. After the Obama administration’s repulsive brief in the DOMA case, and lack of effort, much less progress on other issues, they do not deserve our further support until they produce. How did candidate Obama say it? OUR TIME IS NOW! I’m hoping for a little audacity, not a stinkin’ proclamation!!! No more sending us to the back of the bus!

“to whom much is given, much is expected.” Luke 12:48

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