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Alphia Proves Grandma’s Walking Stick Idea Still In Fashion

June 20, 2009

At the Dane County Farmers’ Market today I saw one of the cutest kids with……a walking stick.    She was dragging it everywhere, and I finally caught up with her to take a couple of pictures.

Her name was Alphia, (at least that is how I think one would spell it) and she was no more than 4 years old.  Her mother told me this was the first market for the walking stick, and by the way Alphia was handling it through the crowds, it will not be the last. 

My Grandma had a walking stick with her all the time on our journeys through the woods.  It was used to poke and prod this stone, or that piece of brush.  Back in Ozone, Arkansas she used it to make sure the tall grass and underbrush did not have a  snake or such that might not be so fond of being stepped on. 

With all those memories in mind it was just too funny to see a small child with a walking stick on the Isthmus in Madison.  What a hoot!   The first shot is natural, but the second one she posed for.

What a cutie!



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  1. JerryG permalink
    June 21, 2009 12:10 PM

    Althea is likely her name, after the Grateful Dead song.

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