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Blooms On Catalpa Tree Dazzle

June 20, 2009

Though we have a catalpa tree in our backyard that has blooms on it, there is no comparison to the larger tree down the block that towers over the street, and is loaded with thousands of blooms.  For the first time I looked into the bloom from a catalpa tree, and was amazed at the intricate detail to be found.

First however some pictures of the tree, and the countless blooms that have a faint perfumed smell.



When one looks into the bloom itself there is artwork to behold.




When there is such beauty one needs to gather some up, bring them home, and put them in water.



  1. Carol permalink
    June 22, 2009 10:46 PM

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos!

    I have a special fondness for these trees – my Grandmother had a large Catalpa tree in her front yard, here in SW Pennsylvania. We referred to is as a “Toby” tree and the long, bean-shaped fruit that grew from it as “tobies”.

    My Grandmother’s tree was large and had split and spread into two branches, forming a sort of “V” shape. During World War II, my Grandmother’s brother was stationed on a submarine, I believe in the South Pacific. My Grandmother sent him a photo of my mother, then about 3 years old, standing in the “V” of the tree. My Great Uncle and the other sailors liked this photo, not only for the sweet picture of a little blonde American girl, whom they made their mascot, but also because of the “V” – for Victory – formed by the branches of a tree back home.

  2. Delicious permalink
    June 22, 2009 8:53 AM

    I am so delighted to see these photos, particularly the close-ups. There is a very huge, old catalpa a few yards down from my family home where I was visiting this weekend. I was fascinated to see such a massive tree so covered by flowers. Of course they are all so far up that I didn’t get a good look.

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