Michael Jackson Dead, Remembered For Youthful Appeal

The news is tragic.

Like many people I will remember the ‘old’ Michael Jackson, that is to say the young and handsome young man that exhibited lots of raw talent when he was performing with his brothers, The Jackson Five.  The years passed and many records and memories were made by Michael Jackson.  But those same years were not kind to the super-star.  Much of the problems that surrounded the music icon were of his own doing.  As we are shocked by this news of his passing I know many will dwell on the lawsuits and eclectic aspects of his life.  I however, would like to remember  the better parts.  The younger years when the world was just one hand grab away for this young performer.

One thought on “Michael Jackson Dead, Remembered For Youthful Appeal

  1. Justin

    It’s so sad to hear about Michael Jackson. As a dancer, I’m performed almost every one of his hits in some form or another. A lot of celebrities have died recently, but he’s the first one that had a big impact on my life personally. It’s a really weird feeling. Anyway, nice post. 😉

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