Wisconsin Governor Barbara Lawton?

I must say I find the possibility, even though a mere rumor, of having Barbara Lawton become Wisconsin’s next Governor a very exciting prospect.  To get to that point of course, Governor Jim Doyle needs to be appointed to a position by the Obama administration.  This past week there were rumors and denials about an appointment for Jim Doyle as head of the Peace Corps.    While I overall have positive remarks about Doyle’s style and track record, I would very much like to turn the page, and have Lt. Governor Lawton take the reins of power in Madison.   

There are lots of politicians in this state, but few who seem as warm and genuine as Barbara Lawton.  Her smile and laugh are refreshing, allowing citizens to know she is approachable, and one of us.  That is not something that every politician has, and best yet when it comes to Lawton, it is not contrived.  What you see is what you get.  She always seems ready to greet someone, and offer a point of view without hesitation.  She seems to have a broad array of knowledge of the issues, and able to converse about them with ease. 

I know rumors abound all the time in this city about politics, and those who enter the arena to serve, and make a difference.  But I am really hoping that this one pans out.  I think Doyle would be well suited for the Peace Corps given his background, and I know that Lawton would be the perfect face and mind for Wisconsin’s future.

P.S.  Why do I feel I am now about to be placed on a new mailing list?

4 thoughts on “Wisconsin Governor Barbara Lawton?

  1. I seriously doubt that Doyle would accept such an appointment. Tommy Thompson sure regretted giving up the top spot in Wisconsin for a cabinet position in Washington, and he had a strong incentive to flee the state before his economic house of cards collapsed.

    Lawton would be the Democrats’ Scott McCallum — a lackluster short-termer who gets blamed for everything set in motion by her predecessor. Your praise makes her sound highly qualified to be a restaurant hostess, not governor. Although the activists at the State Democratic Party convention love her, remember that Tom Barrett, not Jim Doyle, was their choice the last time there was a Democratic gubenatorial primary.

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  3. “To get to that point of course, Governor Jim Doyle needs to be appointed to a position by the Obama administration.”

    I don’t think so. Have you seen how unpopular Doyle is? I think it’s unlikely that he’ll run for a third term. But it is very likely that Lawton will run for governor in 2010.

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