Is Charlie Crist “The Republican Barney Frank”?

I am not sure what I should infer from this Wall Street Journal headline. 

“The Republican Barney Frank” 

After all the rumors about Charlie Crist, I think this was a marvelous headline.

One thought on “Is Charlie Crist “The Republican Barney Frank”?

  1. Nikki

    That bastard raised the tax on my cigarettes. I hope he does run for the Senate, just so I can vote against him. While I admit, smoking is unhealthy, so is breathing polluted air. Not to mention unhealthy eating habits. Smokers tend to die earlier than obese individuals, many in fact are really sick for just a short period of time before death. My mother (RIP) passed at the age of 59 from emphysema, my father (RIP)passed suddenly at the age of 44 from a massive coronary, both smoked, neither collected one red cent from the government, ie, Social Security or any other government benefit. This said, I know many obese people who are on disability for years, with breathing problems, walking problems, coronary disease and diabetes, living to be quite elderly on the public bankroll. I ask myself, why are they (the government) taking it out on the poor smokers with high unfair taxes on tobacco products? Why only them? Why not place a huge tax on fattening foods like say $10.00 tax on potato chips, Ice cream, etc….? The obese, meaning at least 5 pounds over a pre-determined weight, should be taxed and taxed severely, after all these are the people who survive in their unhealthy condition and languish for decades on the public dole.

    While my previous oration was somewhat tongue-in-cheek, I will tell you why these statements are fact. It all has to do with the FAT cats under the dome. Federal and State. 72% of our elected officials are in fact obese, most do not smoke, if they do they are closeted (in more ways than one) most times. Also, 78% of Americans are to some extent overweight, how do you tax this number of citizens and get re-elected? Therefore the burden falls to the smoker. There is good news smokers, when you have all quit smoking, they will have to find another group to tax, so all the do-gooders beware, it will be you.

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