Vatican Trying To Remake Image Of ‘Hitler’s Pope’

This fascinates me.  Question is will the Vatican be able to make it work.  History is hard to re-write.  One might try and spin it, but one can not re-do it.  I know there will be many folks in heaven, but not all the popes will be there.  Such as Pius XII.

Defenders of wartime pope Pius XII have ”nice surprises” in store, the keeper of the Vatican’s secret archives said Thursday.

The controversial pope, who has been criticised for not speaking out clearly against the Holocaust, ”even ran personal risks” to save Jews, said Msgr Sergio Pagano, Prefect of the Secret Archives.

”When the archives can be published there’ll be some nice surprises,” he said.

”I can’t tell you any more,” Pagan said, fending off eager reporters during a press conference on Galileo.

”You’ll have to wait five to six years,” when the archives are scheduled to be ready for release, he said.

Pagano’s statement did not change the expected release date of 2014-2015 for the archives, which are currently being collated.

Pagano stressed that Pope Benedict XVI, a staunch defender of his precedessor, will have the final word on publication. Many Jews insist a full verdict on the pope, who is up for sainthood, would only be possible when those archives are opened.

The Vatican has been building evidence of how Pius helped Jews in Italy – although may Jewish organisations will still not accept the argument that he kept silent on the Shoah for fear of provoking the Nazis into even greater savagery.

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