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Good Parents Make Wonderful Kids

July 3, 2009


James’ long-time friend of 20 years, Kathie, came to visit Friday evening on the way to a cabin in Wisconsin’s Northwoods for the coming week.  Pictured are the kids Myra, Lydia, and Phillip.  The reason they made this blog is how impressed I was with the well-rounded and polite young people that walked around the neighborhood with us, played in the park, and sat at our dinner table.  At one point during dinner I interrupted the conversation to express how impressed I was with the language skills of the children.  As I mentioned at the time these habits result from thoughtful and educated parents who instill the right stuff into daily life.  Their dad Chris stayed in Missouri this week, though there was hopeful talk of everyone traveling to Colorado down the road.  At some point when I meet him I am sure the other half of the parenting equation will be as solid as the one who came to Madison tonight.

I have known boys, even at age 10, that still had to whisper in mom’s ear, or have their food cut up.  I fail to see the charm in children like that.  So it was refreshing to have young people around us like those pictured above.  While they each are individuals, they could all talk together about the topics that floated around the table.  While they were grounded in values, it was also clear that they were not shielded from the world that some parents try to do to their kids.  As a result they were well rounded, and interesting.  Be it movies, the internet, or biology there was a continuity that flowed.  As we all know that is not always the case with kids.  To repeat, I was really impressed.

When it came time to finish dinner all were helpful in ways to clean up.  Phillip stacked dishes, and wondered if he should put them in the sink.  Each kid spontaneously gave James and myself hugs, and Phillip’s last words as he walked down the stoop. was “thanks for having us.”  What a little gentleman!

No, it is we who should be thanking you for making the start of this holiday weekend truly relaxing and enjoyable.

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