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Sarah Palin Provides For Interesting Search Terms on Internet

July 3, 2009

One thing I find amusing in light of the announcement that Sarah Palin is quitting her elected position as Governor of Alaska, is the search engine terms that people are using tonight.   I have the ability on this blog to see how people looked for a topic on a search engine, and then land here on my blog.  As such, there are 71 searches for ‘Palin affair’.  (There are seven for ‘did Palin have an affair’)  It is clear that some people think when a conservative politician folds up the tent so quickly that adultery must be the source of the problem.  After all, the problems with Ensign and Sanford recently prove there is enough foundation for people to wonder.    No one knows tonight why Palin pulled the plug in such a hasty fashion.

I am not suggesting anything about why Palin resigned, but instead am making a larger point about the condition of the Republican Party.

I do know that her unprofessional way of handling this resignation raised more questions than it answered.  This story has legs, and reporters are going to find the answers.  In the meantime people are going to google terms that they suspect might provide part of the explanation.  After all during the past two years GOP and adultery are now linked.  That mental linkage is now being shown in the search engine terms on the internet.

And Sarah Palin is in the middle.

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