Video: Sonia Sotomayor On Privacy

Privacy as an issue is very important to clear up for any person who wishes to sit on the United State Supreme Court.  On October 26, 2008 I wrote the following.

One of the issues that conservatives rail against is the idea that ‘privacy’ is protected in the Constitution.  While it is true that the Constitution does not mention the right of privacy, over time there has been recognition that privacy is an unenumerated right.  The Griswold Case is one that every high school kid learns about; as it was the first time that the Constitution protects a right to privacy.  In that case it was about the right to contraceptives.  In 1973 Roe v. Wade the issue of privacy was a central argument and focus, this time for the right of women to opt for an abortion.  In the famed Lawrence v. Texas, privacy was used to strike down a law against gay sex.

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