Tennessee: “One Of The Worst Crimes Lincoln County Has Ever Seen”


The news reports which were reported by various media outlets, and attributed to Tennessee authorities, about the cause of these deaths from a ‘shooting spree’ proved to be wrong.  Bloggers like reporters have to rely on the information from the sources at hand.  Just because a lackey for the NRA wants me to change the title of this blog before the authorities changed their information to the public gets no where with me.  I waited until law enforcement changed their information before altering the title of this post to reflect the correct information.  The tail does not wag the dog here.

The tennessee state medical examiner confirms the five people found dead in Tennessee died from multiple stab wounds. Their autopsy’s are complete and toxicology results are pending.

Before any three-thumbed NRA type gets their holsters all in a bind let me be clear.  The arguments against guns remain the same today as they were a week ago.   While the deaths here were ghastly, and all feel a great deal of sadness for the needless loss of life, this same feeling of loss is also felt every week by many who lose their lives due to handguns.  If only the NRA would address those losses as much as they will the loss of these fellow citizens due to a knife.  There should be no joy from the NRA types that these lives were lost due to a knife, and not  a gun.   Yet they will feel some relief given the horrible PR that handguns and the NRA rightly receive daily.


Two children were among those killed in the shooting spree which is believed to have happened on Friday or Saturday night, police said.


Lincoln County, TN authorities confirmed that five people were found shot to death in two different homes on South Lincoln Road on Saturday morning. They also confirmed that a sixth person related to the Lincoln County deaths was also found dead at a Huntsville business.

Here we go again with more gun violence.  This time 6 are murdered in Tennessee.

Tennessee authorities have a man in custody in connection with the killings of six people in Tennessee and Alabama, Kristin Helm of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation told CNN on Saturday. 

Sheriff Murray Blackwelder, who held an afternoon news conference, called the slayings “one of the worst crimes Lincoln County has ever seen.” He didn’t describe how the people died.

The suspect, Jacob Lee Shafer, has been questioned by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and is to be charged in that state with murder in the deaths of five people in Tennessee and one person in Alabama, Helm said. She added that authorities are not looking for additional suspects.

Five people, some of whom were related, were found dead in two nearby homes in Fayetteville, Tennessee, Helm told CNN. Investigators think the killings occurred either Friday night or early Saturday, she said.

A sixth person was found dead thirty miles away in Huntsville, Alabama.

37 thoughts on “Tennessee: “One Of The Worst Crimes Lincoln County Has Ever Seen”

  1. Dave

    The “gun” didn’t kill anyone. The suspect (a human being) killed those poor people. If you want to outlaw the machine responsible for the most intentional and unintentional deaths in this nation, you need look only to your driveway. That’s correct folks, the automobile kills exponentially more people than firearms.

    1. Phillip Wayne

      You are arguing an ignorant point! How many people hold up a bank using a car a their barganing chip? Sober up and get a grip you rightwing, gun toting republicans. Glad that I live in the real world. I grew up with guns around, my uncle used my grandmothers to take his own life on her back porch. Bullets offer no forgivness…. Not unlike you NRA nutjobs!

    1. Actually, I think I’d rather dodge a bullet than a car coming at me, assuming I’m a pedestrian without the protection of a car around me.

      Deliberate vehicular homicides are not unheard of:

      Even “accidental” vehicular homicides (involving substance-impaired drivers) are deadlier than many shooting sprees.
      This one took out eight members of the University of Wyoming cross country team in 2002: http://www.sharkonline.org/?P=0000000620

      This case from a year ago left one woman dead and another without her legs:

      While a gun can be a very efficient tool in the hands of a murderer, and I agree that there should be some restrictions on gun ownership (like those we already have in Wisconsin), I have to agree with Dave that we should blame the murderers, not the guns. Guns are not demons that possess their owners and cause them to kill people.

  2. Dave

    No man you get real. Quit hiding behind the politically correct and liberal agenda. Firearms are just another inanimate object that can be used to kill or maim. Just like butter knives, crowbars, cars, rocks, etc.

    It’s just soooo PC to pick on guns.

    Sorry about the double post. I thought my comment disappeared.

    1. I find the slaughter from handguns that we all read about such as today so senseless. Most painful are the weekly stories of sadness that result from guns because the owners of the weapons are clearly not responsible enough to have them. Many should never have been able to buy them, or the ammo. I also argue that they should never have been manufactured. When you write that my agenda is PC, I smile as I have argued against handguns for over thirty years, long before there was a term ‘PC’.

      This blog (among other things) highlights the madness of handguns, and this is just the lastest such story that America has to digest due to the NRA, and the political weakness of both parties to stand up to the group of three-thumbs.

      Bottom line is there are just too many handguns in America. Had this man not had this gun today six of my fellow citizens would be alive. Teh fact thay are not, and the fact that a gun killed them makes me sad and angry. I know that there is a desensitizing that happens to the human mind when it hears of this stuff all the time. But there has to be some of us left in this nation that calls this violence from handguns for what it is. Needless and mindless.

      I will follow up on this blog as more info comes out about the gun and the shooter. Why he should not have had the deadly weapon, and the what could and should have been done to insure he was not able to pull the trigger and murder with a gun.

  3. Me

    As a person who lives in the town that it happened in, I believe that I have the true right to call them my “fellow citizens”. I do not blame the weapon and need to point out that they’ve not said how they were killed. Rumor has it that it was a few of my close friends that were murdered. I find it amazing it is assumed that it was a gun. Maybe my friends were slaughtered. Who knows? And who cares? All that that changes is if the casket is opened or closed. The problem is that there is a casket at all. I blame that solely on the man responsible, not the weapon used. For my friends’ sake, I hope that it was a gun. At least it’s quick and only hurts for a moment, rather than a slit throat or a stab in the back or stomach. Guns are at least quicker and he wouldn’t have had to watch everyone around him bleed out as well. I hope that, since he is dead now and it can’t be changed, that that is how he went.. Painlessly.. Without having to see his loved ones die slowly around him. Argue that rather than stupid gun control. Yes, he never should’ve been allowed to get one, but he was. Can’t change it now. Just put more restrictions on it. Guns will not be wiped out of America. It can’t happen. No matter what some of the clueless like to think.

    1. This is perhaps the most ‘unique’ response in my three years of blogging here on this site. Why would someone ‘there’ be writing to a Madison, Wi blog instead of trying to find out if in fact these were his ‘close friends’ that were killed. He states that I should not assume it was a gun used in the murders, but then states, “Yes, he never should’ve been allowed to get one, but he was.” The tone of this comment is just troubling in many ways, and frankly seems not the type one would write if in fact he was ‘there’ and these were his close friends.

      Nonetheless I let the comment be posted, as I do try to not censor except in needed cases.

  4. Dave

    Hello Again,

    I always find it interesting when anyone continues to blame any inanimate object for the actions of the human being holding it. It is just nonsensical to demonize the object alone. The bottom line here is that six people died at the hands of another human being. The method is immaterial to the horrendous nature of the crime.

    I served in the US Army for 21 1/2 years and have been a full-time sworn police officer for 15 years since retirement from the Army. I think I know what I’m talking about when I say that a firearm is a tool and nothing else. It is no more or less capable of killing than my patrol car, my baton, or even my taser in extreme circumstances. Most police officers agree that an armed citizen is much less likely to become a victim. Look at the state of Arizona’s stats (most gun friendly state in the nation) versus New Jersey’s stats (least friendly) and you quickly see the direct correlation between stiff gun “control” and increased crimes against persons. If you are going to mug someone at an ATM are you going to do it in a place where one of three adults carries concealed or a place where statistically no one carries? Oh, and I put control in quotations because thus far US gun control policy has been more about people control that gun control.

    An armed man is a citizen, an unarmed man is a subject.

    I suggest everyone interested in gun control to read the recent SCOTUS decision in Heller vs. the District of Washington.

    1. Dave, correlation is not proof of causality. It is just as likely that states (like New Jersey) that have high rates of crimes against persons (possibly due to population density and high poverty rates) are more likely to pass strict gun control laws. As a police officer, you surely know that professional police organizations are often the ones lobbying for stricter gun control measures. Just as I do not believe that guns cause crime, I do not believe that they automatically prevent crime, either.

      One argument in favor of allowing handguns for personal defense is that they are great equalizers. This is particularly important to women, who are often stalked and overpowered by human predators. Those who wish to ban all guns in civillian hands are essentially saying that they wish to preserve the male population’s physical power over the female population.

      It is important to note, however, that untrained individuals who carry a gun are more likely to be shot by it than to shoot an assailant. It is very important for any gun owner to take lessons in the proper use and maintenance of their firearm(s).

  5. Wally

    Guns don’t kill people,….people kill people. Yes, this is tragic for that family, and all friends and loved ones alike, but don’t use the moronic blame game of the ultra left wing liberals to blame guns. Blame the individual that committed these killings. What if he had used a knife…??? Would you be ranting about how knives are evil, and how we should ban
    them…??? This is a tragic and senseless loss of life…The killer obviously needed help, and there is no justification for what he did…HE…capital HE…He did it, not the gun…He is to blame! You want to he concerned about something???
    Do you want to have a “cause”…How about this…Instead of using this as an occasion and opportunity to be “seen” and “heard”, and show cause to rant…Why not really make a difference, and see about reaching out to those left behind, and see about providing substance to help them out…something that would really make a difference…a tangible difference.
    Caring is sharing….anybody can be a blow-hard…

    1. Thanks for writing, Wally.

      I think it vital that the issues of too free of access to obtain guns, and ammo (including the awful ‘cop-killer’ bullets), the bizzare loop-holes for gun shows, and the lack of registration for handguns are all important topics to talk about, and demand action on.

      You might think I am a ‘blow-hard’, but I know I am not alone in wanting to end the horror of tens of thousands each year that die from a handgun in this nation. You may continue to think that this was one person who made a choice with a gun. I know however that is society and laws that allow for the man to get guns, and keep guns, buy ammo even though you state, the “killer obviously needed help’ If you you think we should live, well that is your right to think that way. But I think it equally important to keep the common sense approach to problems front and center and therefore this blog will continue to hightlight the slaughter from handguns.

  6. Wally

    By the way,Deke,….Do you know for sure it was a gun…???

    Also…Hey, Dave…Great reply…and thanks for your service…Most times people have no real concept of what they are willing to rant about. I am sorry for the loss of anyone who is murdered, or takes their own life, without regard to the weapon or cause or reason… If we want to be on the offensive for something, what about the right to life….If you want to attack something, what about abortion…It kills on a much larger scale…M-U-R-D-E-R…comes in more than one shape and size…Maybe we should ban abortionists…They choose to do so…a gun does not…Food for thought…

      1. Wally

        Got your drift on the update, Deke…I read it…My point was that with the news being so “new”, we might need to hold
        off a little, and get all the facts before we go making declarations of “fact” until all accounts are in…I heard one story that suggested that all involved were family members…I heard today that’s not necessarily true…I’m sure that we’ll learn more…KFC fan, are you…???

  7. I am very sorry about your uncle. I lost a family member to suicide by hanging. She was cut down before her body died and kept alive by a ventilator until she could breathe on her own. She was brain-dead, however. It would have been easier on the family if she had chosen to use an “unforgiving” bullet.

  8. Dave

    First off, there is no such thing as a “cop killer” bullet. That was a bunch of (malarkey) hype spun by the Clinton administration and the Brady Gun Lobby. It surrounded a bullet design called the “Black Talon”. That round is still on the market as even ATF was unable to prove it demonstrated any unusual ballistics or had any unusual penetration characteristics. The truth is that almost ANY centerfire rifle cartridge can penetrate NIJ Level IIIA body armor. IIIA is the most prevalent in the LE community. Certain hypervelocity handgun rounds can penetrate our armor as well.

    As to the “NRA nutjob” moniker – please read the Heller decision released in June of last year. Our Supreme Court held that the right to keep and bear arms is an intrinsic right and not related to any militias of old. So I suppose that means that the framers of our Constitution and the SCOTUS are also NRA nutjobs.

    The presence of an armed citizen is a real deterent to street crime. I see it nearly every shift. You can spin the Jersey vs. Arizona discussion any way you want, but even the FBI and DOJ statistical analysis and executive briefings to Congress and the White House agree with my position.

    Has anyone besides me noticed that the renewal of the Assault Weapons Ban has disappeared from the Obama Administration’s Urban Policy website? Perhaps someone there has read Heller and figured out that gun control is a state issue and only to the extent that it does not interfere with a citizens right,

    1. Yes, in fact there are cop-killer bullets, and police officers are in fact opposed to these deadly items. Teflon-coated bullets increase penetration into the ballistic vests, which most readers will know it a staple of the American police uniform. You can code your words all you wish about this matter, but having police officers for friends I know of what I speak. There is an insane attempt by gun owners and NRA nuts to undermine all common-sense talk about these deadly weapons, and try to minimize all the effects they have on our nation.

      I am glad you added that “gun control is a state issue” as that will make you and me more in agreement when the Supreme Court takes up the next cases on this matter.

      Your mention of the Obama White House is one where the laugh is of cource on the NRA nuts who made a loud cry about why the nation should buy more guns and ammo following the last election. I hope you are not one that is paying for the political insight of the NRA!

      Finally, yes I have read months back the ruling when it came down and commented on it here at CP.

      Have a nice evening.

      1. Dave

        Teflon coated bullets. I think I remember those being touted…..

        Unfortunately, every time someone mentions that piece of spin I ask them to provide a manufacturer, an actual bullet, or any empirical testing results by a qualified firearms laboratory. Thus far, no one has been able to do that.

        Anyone familiar with internal ballistics can tell you that no Teflon substance can survive the heat and pressure present in a firearm chamber. Even if “Teflon” was present on the projectile prior to ignition of the propellant powder, it could not survive the environment internal to the chamber and barrel.

        Proof please.

    2. Wally

      Bingo, Dave…Even Obama figured out he had bitten off more than he could chew…There are a lot more issues that this administration needs to look at right now…However, I’m sure that at some point down the road, they’ll try to sneak in
      more garbage…They’re not done, for sure…Wow, some folks get really worked up over the NRA…If we could only get our political leaders to be as fervent and determined about our causes as the NRA is…Get over it, people…NRA is here to stay….Cop killer Bullets…Jeesh,….give me a break..

  9. JT

    I wish some of the gun lovers here could ride with my Uncle who is on a special unit of the LAPD and see the drug runners and the weapons they use and then let them talk about how there is no such thing as cop-killer bullets. He has told all of us stories that alert us how to live and what to avoid. Like my Uncle always says the men that need guns so bad is due to their cocks being more of a trigger than a barrel. I think that applies here too.

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