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Millionaires Should Help Pay For Health Care

July 20, 2009

I really do not see the issue here as being one that is not fair or just.  Folks that are more than comfortable living the American Dream should also feel some responsibility to help pay for the great needs of the nation. Health care for all is obviouslya major issue these past many years and requires to be addresses.  For the past eight years the wealthy benefited greatly from the tax cuts that were provided to them for their political support to the Republican Party.  Now it is time that they return some of the money to the nation.  House Speaker Pelosi has refined her views on the way to fund health care and there is no one that can argue this is not an equitable means to achieve the desired goal.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told POLITICO in an interview that she wants to soften a proposed surcharge on the wealthy so that it applies only to families that make $1 million or more. The change could help mollify the conservative Democrats who expect to have a tough time selling the package back home. Their support is the single biggest key to meeting the speaker’s goal of having health care reform pass the House by the August recess. The bill now moving through the House would raise taxes for individuals with annual adjusted gross incomes of $280,000, or families that make $350,000 or more. “I’d like it to go higher than it is,” Pelosi said Friday.

The speaker would like the trigger raised to $500,000 for individuals and $1 million for families, “so it’s a millionaire’s tax,” she said. “When someone hears, ‘2,’ they think, ‘Oh, I could be there,’ because they don’t know the $280,000 is for one person. It sounds like you’re in the neighborhood. So I just want to remove all doubt. You hear ‘$500,000 a year,’ you think, ‘My God, that’s not me.’”

  1. dekerivers permalink*
    July 20, 2009 2:46 PM

    Do you not think that the rich pay for those who need emergency care and have no insurance….a much higher cost than what up-front preventive care would cost?

    You do not like the Obama plans for health care.

    So let me ask you for your ‘prescription’ for getting the uninsured covered….and how you would pay for it?

  2. Ferrell Gummitt permalink
    July 20, 2009 2:39 PM

    And what happens when the millionaires run out of money? Who ends up paying for it then?

    We do.

    Why is it this administration’s determination, Mission Statement if you will to punish people who worked hard for their money?

    The wealthy already pay over 70% of our taxes. Instead of making the wealthy leave our country to keep their rightful fortune, if the Obama government is so sure this will work, why not have all Americans pay for it and chip in?

    Answer: Because when this fails like his stimulus packages, there will be a backlash from everyday Americans for Barack Obama to move along and realize that the Emperor really never had any new clothes to begin with – just some old, tired, retread Carter – Clinton administration ideas revisited and given a facelift.

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