Josh Thompson, Cedarburg Wisconsin Man, Makes Grand Ole Opry Debut

Last evening on SIRIUS Radio, during their two-hour rebroadcast of the previous weekend’s Grand Ole Opry Show, I was drawn to the first time appearance of a new singer on the world famous stage.  To stand on the Opry stage is not like any other venue, of course, and so one can feel the tension and emotion of the moment wherever the radio signal can be found at these moments.  But not only was the singer knew to the Opry, but he was also from Wisconsin.


Josh Thompson, a native of Cedarburg, Wisconsin opened by singing “Sinner” and his tone conveyed complete control of the moment.  I remarked to James in the car that he seemed so relaxed.  I also commented that if it were me at that moment I would have needed 30 seconds to pay homage to those Opry legends who had paved my way for the opportunity to stand there before the WSM microphones.  James just smiled as he had heard this stuff so many times.  Thompson’s first song was very well done and hit the mark as his opening number on the Opry.  I am glad he chose that one  to sing instead of his current single.

On Thompson’s Myspace website he does mention the moment in advance of his September 19th performance when he found out he would sing at the Opry.

Today I got the phone call that I would be making my Grand Ole Opry Debut performance on Saturday September 19th at 8PM. It is a dream come true. I can’t believe I will be standing on the stage where all the great country singers have stood. It’s amazing and I am so humbled to get this opportunity. If you are in Nashville come out and see us.

I can not even imagine a phone call like that, but am sure there were tears and smiles shared with many.  Congratulations, Josh!!


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