Sunday Echoes: Carol Burnett Show-No Frills Airline

With reality television shows that seem to now dominate network programming, some might have forgotten there was once something called ‘a variety show.’  Each week comedy sketches, along with song and dance numbers all combined to attract large viewing audiences.  One of the classics of that genre of  TV was “The Carol Burnett Show”  that aired on CBS each Saturday night.  Before Carol took the stage  CBS offered  “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “The Bob Newhart Show” to get the laughing started.  But as the whole nation knew once Tim Conway and Harvey Korman took center stage there was nothing to do but sit back and howl.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Echoes: Carol Burnett Show-No Frills Airline

  1. Joan

    Oh this takes me back. My husband and I watched this show and the others you mentioned every Saturday night. He passed away several years ago but drinking my coffee and reading online this morning you brought a pleasant memory back. Thanks for starting my morning with a smile.

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