It Is Legal To Bring Guns Into Arizona Bars!!

This can’t be good at all.  NOT AT ALL!

When did we lose our common sense as a nation?  When did we become so controlled by the special interests, such as the NRA, that we lost sight of the common-sensical things that the average elementary age kid could reason out.  I am quite sure that the simpletons of the Arizona State Legislature who  passed this measure are floating up to their eyeballs in NRA money.  No one in their sober and sane moments would have done such a thing if not for the most base of reasons.  Greed for campaign cash!

Are the people of Arizona proud of what has happened?

Under the law, backed by the National Rifle Association, the 138,350 people with concealed-weapons permits in Arizona will be allowed to bring their guns into bars and restaurants that haven’t posted signs banning them.

What’s going to happen when guns are allowed in an atmosphere filled with booze and people with impaired judgment?

“Somebody can pull the trigger, then a bullet comes out, and people get hurt and killed,” said Brad Henrich, owner of Shady’s, a popular neighborhood bar that sees occasional minor scuffles. “The idea of anyone coming in with guns in a place that serves alcohol just seems ludicrous.”

An 8 1/2-by-11-inch sign that says “No Firearms Allowed” and shows a red slash over a gun now hangs next to Henrich’s liquor license. If a bar owner does not post such a state-approved sign, people with concealed weapons are allowed in with their guns.

There is no way to track how many of Arizona’s 5,800 bars and restaurants that serve alcohol have posted such signs. The Arizona Department of Liquor Licensing and Control has signs available for download on its Web site and doesn’t track that figure.

The department has provided 1,300 signs to bar and restaurant owners who went to the department in person or asked to have signs mailed to them.

A similar law took effect in July in Tennessee, with the same reaction from many bar owners who posted signs banning firearms. The NRA says 41 states now allow guns in businesses that serve alcohol.

“I hate to have to put them up,” Mark DeSimone, owner of the Hidden House Cocktail Lounge in central Phoenix, said of the signs. “It looks scary. It looks to somebody like, should I go in this place because they obviously have a problem with people bringing weapons in.”

DeSimone has signs banning guns next to his liquor license and outside the bar.

He said every bar owner should be concerned about the possible consequences of allowing anyone into a bar with a gun.

“You don’t want people to even have a stick,” he said. “When I take steak knives out (for customers), I look for the ones that don’t have pointy ends.”

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