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Chicago Olympics 2016 Flag Flies At Madison Municipal Building

September 30, 2009

I love it!  GO CHICAGO!

Close observers may have noticed that there’s a third flag flying below the U.S. and City of Madison flags in front of the Municipal Building.

That’s the Chicago Olympics 2016 flag sent to us by our friends in the Windy City to designate us as a place that would share in the Olympics should Chicago be chosen to host the 2016 summer games.

The International Olympic Committee makes its decision around 11:30a.m. our time on Friday. If Chicago gets the nod the Olympic cycling road race, time trials and mountain biking events would all take place in and around Madison.

It would be great. In fact, it’d be awesome. For one thing it would mean a boost to our economy. Madison is already a bike industry leader with about one in five American bicycles produced right here in our region. But with the Olympic brand behind us it would put us on the world bike map. People from all over would come here just to ride the Olympic routes for years both before and after the event.

And it would make our already strong application for high speed rail linking us to Chicago and Milwaukee an absolute lock.

  1. October 1, 2009 1:47 PM

    I have been noticing much of the angst about the Chicago Olympics is tied to the appeal or non-appeal that those same voices have for Mayor Daley. That seems short-sighted, as this event will blow billions into the city and region, and produce all sorts of jobs. If one is concerned about being unemployed……well they should be on the band wagon that is going to bring the jobs their way. That is of course, the Olympics! Over the past couple of years as this story has played out I have been perplexed as to why anyone would work/hope against it. There is a continual need to tear down from some of the public, as demonstrated in the news reports. But look at the good that can be gained by working together, as the elected officials and civic leaders have demonstrated. Great things can happen when folks work together!

  2. Ferrell Gummitt permalink
    October 1, 2009 1:23 PM

    Chicago spent $100 million to do studies on logistics and publicity for them as an Olympic site. Meanwhile, a co-worker’s of mine husband is on a month long “Unpaid Vacation” as an Engineer with the city of Chicago. The $100 million used could have shored up the budget and maybe some, not all of the city workers would either not have been laid off or on “Unpaid Vacation”.

    To me keeping the city of Chicago budget out of the red is more of a priority then fulfilling Richie Daley’s fantasies and Oprah finding her damn “Team Captain.”

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