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“The Tenth Justice” Fast Paced Tale For Fall Nights

October 12, 2009


For a quick read on the nights that are too chilly to stay outside and romp as we did in the summer, I recommend “The Tenth Justice” for indoor enjoyment.  Let me say up-front we are not talking great literate here, but after completing the book this weekend I can say it was a fun quick read.  I have read other books by Brad Meltzer and felt page for page that this one was the best of those that I had bought.  After all, the plot is one that I gravitate towards.

Hotshot young lawyer Ben Addison is on top of the world. Just out of Yale Law School, he’s already landed the highly desirable top job of clerk to a Supreme Court justice, experiences instant chemistry with his new co-clerk Lisa, and shares an apartment with three lifelong friends. Then a misplaced trust leads Ben to reveal a confidential court decision, and his world begins to crash. With Ben’s career in jeopardy and a blackmailer on his trail, his friends use their job connections at the State Department, a Washington newspaper, and a senator’s office to aid Ben and Lisa in a plot to apprehend Ben’s blackmailer.

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