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Roy Rogers/Dale Evans Museum Closes

October 13, 2009

Does this make anyone else feel old?  Should we lose these parts of our past?  I have real problems with iconic parts of the past slipping away.  While I understand that times change, and economic woes make moments like this at times neccessary, I still think it important to ask ourselves how much of the past should be shelved?  In this world today is there still not room for Trigger, and the films that so many loved over the decades?  Can we honestly look at what often replaces the icons of the past and say they are better?

I have been personally agonizing over how to start this letter. I guess I will start by saying thank you. Thank you for the years of love, support, prayers and loyalty to the Rogers Family. You, the fans, and our Board of Directors, are the ones who have kept our family’s museum going for over 42 years. It has been a wonderful ride. After millions of visitors and countless stories of what Roy and Dale have meant to you, the Board of Directors have voted to close our doors of the Museum at the end of 2009. This has not been an easy decision. Many very emotional and financial issues have been addressed by all of us, as you can well imagine.

The decision to close the Museum has come after two years of steady decline in visitors to the Museum. A lot of factors have made our decision for us. The economy for one, people are just not traveling as much. Dad’s fans are getting older, and concerned about their retirement funds. Everyone is concerned about their future in this present economy. Secondly, with our high fiscal obligations we cannot continue to accumulate debt to keep the doors open.This situation is one I have not wanted to happen. Dad always said- “If the museum starts costing you money, then liquidate everything and move on.” Myself and my family have tried to hold together the Museum and collection for over 15 years, so it is very difficult to think that it will all be gone soon.

  1. December 10, 2009 10:56 AM

    Our museum feels the same way that is why we are trying to do something about it we are working to expand our Roy & Dale exhibit as well as all of our Western Movie History exhibit. Due to the age of those who remember those golden days of Hollywood a lot of this American History is being lost to the general pubic an the younger generation doesn’t know who most of these people are. This is shame so we are trying educate those coming to our museum who didn’t live this part of our history.

  2. texastrailerparktrash permalink
    October 16, 2009 11:16 AM

    I’m 62 and I grew up loving Roy and Dale and sat transfixed in front of the television whenever they were on, but I do understand the reasoning behind the decision to close their museum. Every generation has its beloved icons that the following generations just don’t have the same connection with on a visceral level. Roy must have known that also, hence his advice to close up shop if it got to be too costly to continue. Just another example of the innate common sense and goodness of the man. Time to move on. Happy Trails to You!

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