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Concerns About Obama’s Sudan And Darfur Policy

October 19, 2009

Many around the world have been waiting to see how the Obama White House would address the issue of Sudan.  For me this is the top of the pile for international ‘must deal with’ issues considering the death and destruction  that has plagued Darfur.  While President Obama has many pressing foreign policy decisions to consider, the moral aspect to the Darfur crisis places this one in a special category that deserves unique attention.

Like many others I share the concern that a far too nuanced reaction has developed in the guise of a tough policy to this troubled area.  If a weak policy is born it  does not serve the people in Sudan, and will not address the call of history to right the horrors that were committed in Darfur.  I had hoped, like many others, that UN Ambassador Dr. Susan Rice’s views would prevail, and a policy with teeth would result.  She correctly called the actions in Darfur “genocide” and was ready to invest the full weight of  American policy into this nation.  But then President Obama’s Special Envoy to Sudan, Maj. Gen. Scott Gration (ret.) acted in ways to show he was reluctant to apply that pressure.  He labels the matter in Darfur as “remnants of genocide.”  I say potato you say…..

So now we will have a policy that will engage Khartoum in talks.  That can be done with rouge nations for sure.  But when it comes to Sudan who is led by a wanted war criminal it is easy to see why this nation, and the way we deal with it, must be handled different from others around the globe.  The only way to deal with Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir is to grab him by the nuts and twist.  And while he have a hold of him throw into the Hague!

I am very concerned that for whatever reason the Obama White House may not have a firm grip on the issues that are confronting Sudan.  I am very uneasy that we have not addressed the needs of Darfur, or the call of history.

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  1. patrick permalink
    October 19, 2009 9:10 PM

    If you substitute “Iran” for “sudan” I completely agree. I first of sorts?

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