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Falcon Heene “Who The Hell Is Wolf!?”

October 19, 2009


A classic moment of TV was shown on CNN tonight, and as soon as I can get video of this moment it will be posted here.  Until then here is a description of the event.  When I saw this on Anderson Cooper 360 I laughed out loud.

Maybe it’s just me, but the funniest thing I’ve seen on the news recently was a comment made by the ‘balloon boy’ at the Wolf Blitzer interview of the family. I’m still chuckling every time I think of it. At the outset of the interview, with the family lined up in front of the camera in their living room in Colorado, Wolf Blitzer’s voice-over is heard saying ‘Hello’ to everyone. Two of the kids mumble an indifferent ‘Hello’ back. The father looks at the little guy, Falcon, and tells him to “Say hello to Wolf.” The six-year-old Falcon, with the angelic face, looks up at his dad and says, “Who the hell is Wolf !?”

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