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What Would King Henry VIII Say About This Vatican Announcement

October 21, 2009

This came totally out of left field!  Oh, the intrigue from the Vatican never ceases to amaze.

The announcement from the Vatican, made simultaneously in Rome and at a news conference in London was dramatic, even historic.

The Roman Catholic Church was going to extraordinary lengths to make it easy for disenchanted Anglicans to convert to Catholicism.

They could join the Roman Catholic Church as full members, but hang on to many of their Anglican traditions and practices – and indeed preserve much of their “Anglican identity”.

In the past Anglicans have converted (although many have and are moving in the opposite direction), but it’s been on a case-by-case basis.

The creation of a special section of the Roman Catholic Church – backed up by church law – especially for Anglicans all around the world is unprecedented.

At the somewhat bizarre press conference secretively arranged at the offices of the Catholic Church in London, the Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols acknowledged converts had never before been provided with this structure.

It wasn’t just that Rome is paving the way for traditionalists on the Catholic wing of the Church of England to jump ship – it is doing so at a critical moment.

Since the Protestant Reformation, when the Church of England broke away from Rome, it has been a sometimes uneasy coalition between its Catholic and Protestant members.

It’s the huge achievement of the Church that it has kept these two wings together through numerous crises – that over homosexuality being only one of the more recent.

But traditionalists on the Catholic wing have become increasingly disenchanted by “progressive” trends, not so much with respect to liberal moves on homosexuality, but about the ordination of women as priests, and, in the next few years, as bishops.

This development – utterly rejected by the Vatican for the Catholic Church – has been agreed by the Church of England Synod, and the only question is how far traditionalist parishes and clergy will be “sheltered” from having to serve under a woman bishop.

That debate is in the balance, and the Vatican’s initiative is bound to have a profound effect – not just on the numbers who leave, but on the sort of church they leave behind.

Many traditionalist “Anglo-Catholics” have threatened to leave the Church and convert to Catholicism, and leaders of their cause say having a home already prepared for them will greatly increase the exodus.

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  1. Amy permalink
    October 21, 2009 3:15 PM

    That is a bold move but beware of the Catholic Church. I used to be Catholic but then I stopped practicing after I found out some disturbing truth. Some say the papacy is the antichrist. They changed the ten commandments which is the Law of God, the Pope claims to be a god, they have killed innocent people for centuries like the Spanish Inquisition and supporting the Nazis, and the priests have molested a lot of children. Jesus would not approve of any of these, it is not Christian, that is evil hiding behind religion. I pray people really to open their eyes. I know I did!!!

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