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Kansas City Chiefs Bar Larry Johnson For Gay Slur

October 27, 2009


As posted here yesterday, I made it plain that there is no room for the homophobic and despicable conduct of Larry Johnson within the NFL, or the rest of the black community.   Today the Kansas City Chiefs let it be known they feel the same way about Johnson.  They told Johnson to stay away from the team while the NFL and the Chiefs complete their investigation into his use of a gay slur.  Among other things Johnson did recently to get him in this spot was to tell two members of the media on Monday to “get your faggot asses out of here”  during a locker room discussion.  Though Johnson offered an apology today he did not apologize to gay people for the verbal slurs.  Johnson fails to see the impact of his words, though I think most thinking people agree he will need to be brought to his senses before he can wear the uniform of the Chiefs again.  His conduct and choice of words has to be remedied.  He will have to bow to social norms sooner or later over this matter.

The Kansas City Chiefs have barred running back Larry Johnson from practice and all other team activities as the club and the N.F.L. look into comments he made Monday to reporters in the locker room.

According to multiple reports, Johnson — in telling reporters to get away from him — used a slur that referred to gays. He used the same slur on his Twitter feed. He has also posted demeaning remarks about Coach Todd Haley.

In a statement released through his agent, Johnson apologized for his remarks — although in the list of people to whom he apologized, he did not mention gays.

Last season, Herman Edwards, who was the Chiefs’ coach, benched Johnson for three games for an unspecified violation of team rules. Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended him for a fourth game for violating the league’s player-conduct policy in connection with incidents involving two women in bars.

Lets be clear here.  Larry Johnson is a volatile individual.  Almost exactly a year ago one woman accused him of throwing a drink on her and another said he had pushed her in a nightclub.  Lets  face it, some people are not ready for normal society.

Johnson was sentenced to two years’ probation after pleading guilty to two counts of disturbing the peace.

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