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Sarah Palin Wants $100,000 For Political Speaking Fee In Iowa!

October 29, 2009

As a boy I always followed through the news politicians that would travel to Iowa in hopes of starting to create interest among the voters about their chances at a White House run.  All those men over the years traveled at their own expense.  After all, why should the farmers and small business people need to ante up money to see someone who is trying to make a name and position for themself?

Sarah Palin seems to think that notion of paying one’s own way to Iowa is just plain silly.  So she is asking for $100,000 dollars for one speech!   But all is not rosy for Palin in Iowa, as some conservatives are not pleased with this approach to paying  a politician for such a trip.  If for some reason Sarah Palin is paid for this political speech she will have proved to be what many think she really is.  As such I think the best means of payment would be to leave it on the motel dresser by the bed where she can find it in the morning.  (Just like a real working girl.)

A conservative Iowa group’s effort to lure Sarah Palin to its banquet next month has had an unintended effect: Rather than exciting conservatives about the prospect of a visit from the former Alaska governor, the group’s plan to raise a six-figure sum to bring her to the state has GOP activists recoiling at the thought of paying to land a politician’s speaking appearance. 

The Iowa Family Policy Center’s effort to cobble together $100,000 for Palin would represent a striking departure from customary practice in the first-in-the-nation state, these Republicans say, noting that a generation of White House hopefuls has paid their own way to boost their party and presidential ambitions.

Let me clear it up for those confused in Iowa.  There is no way in hell that this woman can ever be considered a real candidate.  She is trying to catch onto the money train that she wanted to ride following her lack of interest in fulfilling her time as Alaska Governor.  Seems we were told about her lust for money……and now we have still more proof.

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