Why I Blog About Random Thoughts Such As Wisconsin Rapids Radio

Over the many posts on this blog are a fair amount that would seem at first glance to appeal to only a very small readership, or to be of a personal nature perhaps better left to a diary rather than a public blog.   The act of placing posts on this site that are more personal while reflecting a narrow perspective of interest was a very conscious decision of mine.   I think  bloggers, like radio personalities, connect best with an audience that is allowed some insight into the real person behind the keypad or microphone.  Having worked in radio I know the value of making those connections.  They continue to strike a chord on the world-wide web.

Last night I was again made aware of how allowing  insight into who I am as a person on my blog resonates with others.   On March 1, 2008 I wrote a post about the radio personality Earl Nightingale and WFHR radio in Wisconsin Rapids where the program aired.  I also talked of local radio personality Arnie Strope and his ‘trading post’ show, mentioning how my mom would listen to him, and enjoy his friendly banter.   

Yesterday I received a comment from Noel, the son of Arnie Strope, that his dad had passed away at the age of 87.   While searching on the internet about items concerning his dad he found my blog.

As we “googled” my Dad to find out specific dates, we read and enjoyed your comments. Dad passed away this morning and we will always hear his great voice in our hearts. It was nice that you appreciated his voice, candor, and diligence. We did too!


Arnie Strope

I am glad that he commented, but sorry about the news he conveyed.  Over the years my mom had asked me if I knew whatever had happened to Arnie.  After his induction into the Wisconsin Broadcaster Hall Of Fame for his 47- year career in radio, all at WFHR, I had not heard anything else about him.  It is these small threads of interest that connect us over the years, one generation to another.  And it is those names and faces that I often write about as a way to never let them be forgotten.

About a year ago I also received a note from Earl Nightingale’s wife.

What a surprise and what a gift. My grandson sent this to me and made my day – shucks it made my year! It’s always great fun to discover something of Earl’s that I don’t have and wish everyone who has something of his early days would share it with me.

 Those small moments of life that I often write about that seem so fragmented from the headlines in the newspaper are worthy of a place on CP.  They are my memories I pen as a way to connect with something warm and comforting from days now gone.  I am humbled that others find them in some way touching or helpful.

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