Concealed Handgun Owners Have Killed 8 Law Enforcement Officers, 77 Private Citizens

There are some new arguments, and data surrounding why carrying concealed weapons is a bad idea.  A deadly idea, and one that should not be allowed to spread in Wisconsin.  A new site is tracking the number of killings that take place by those allowed to carry concealed weapons.  The fact that there are too many easily obtained guns and ammunition in this nation is not in dispute.  The violence that is created every day as a result of handguns is a national stain.   On top of the already bloody evidence concerning handguns are those who also champion concealed carry.  What is next, being able to buy guns and ammo at your local tavern?  (Can’t we trump that into a constitutional right too.)  While many states allow for concealed carry, there is more and more evidence that these laws are proving deadly.

 As the result of a massive campaign led by the gun lobby, almost all states maintain a veil of secrecy around those who have been issued permits to carry concealed handguns. Therefore, the VPC is forced to rely primarily on news accounts for reports of killings by concealed handgun permit holders and subsequent legal proceedings.

 Consider this story from August 2009.

Humberto Delgado Jr., 34, allegedly shot and killed 11-year Tampa police veteran Corporal Mike Roberts after the officer responded to a suspicious person call. Delgado was pushing a shopping cart which turned out to be filled with military gear, a Kel-Tec assault rifle, a Taurus .45 pistol, and a .22 revolver. He also had a Glock 17 pistol in a backpack. When Corporal Roberts tried to question Delgado, a struggle ensued and Roberts was shot while on his back. Although Corporal Roberts was wearing body armor, a bullet struck him in an unprotected area and entered his chest. Delgado had been a law enforcement officer in the Virgin Islands for four years until 2000 and had served in the U.S. Army. He had a concealed handgun permit issued in North Carolina. Florida has reciprocity with North Carolina. A search of Delgado’s storage unit uncovered another firearm, a laser sight, a copy of Shooter’s Bible, and certificate for completion of a firearms safety course. Delgado faces charges of premeditated murder and aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer.  

From October 2009

On October 19, 2009, Latrecia Levine was shot and killed at The Allied Veterans Cyber Center Internet Café when a man’s handgun fell out of his waistband, hit the floor and discharged, striking her in the back. The shooter, who had a concealed handgun permit, apparently had ignored a sign on the door that included firearms among the items prohibited from inside the business. Additional signs inside the café said that no firearms were allowed on the property. No charges were immediately filed in the case, but the police characterized it as an “active ongoing investigation.”

From March 2009 comes this slaughter of 11 people.

On March 10, 2009, Michael McLendon, a self-proclaimed survivalist, killed his mother at their family home, beginning a shooting rampage that stretched across 24 miles. By the time McLendon took his own life in the midst of a police shootout at a factory where he had previously worked, he had shot four more relatives, including his 74-year-old grandmother, and five strangers, including the wife and 18-month-old daughter of a local sheriff’s deputy. McLendon had a concealed handgun permit for two handguns. Police later found at the home he shared with his mother numerous how-to DVDs on committing acts of violence.

7 thoughts on “Concealed Handgun Owners Have Killed 8 Law Enforcement Officers, 77 Private Citizens

  1. Scott Brown

    National stain huh. Crime is more prevalent in other liberal nations where guns are outlawed and criminals are only slapped on the hands for their offenses. You can’t have it both ways. Of course we can prevent these crimes if we adopt stricter laws, i.e a burglar gets his hand cut off or is cained. We can adopt Sharia law and then us husbands can beat our wives. But as a liberal, you surely wouldn’t permit that. Even a wicked in-compassionate conservative such as myself wouldn’t support those laws.

    You liberals will use any excuse to blame the cops for every incident involving a death where a cop is involved, but you’ll turn the argument around if the cop is killed by a concealed weapons carrier.

    I am suspicious of your notes, especially when you allege an 11 year old officer was shot.

    Now do your homework and identify the number of people saved by handgun owners.

    1. No one ever stated an 11 year old officer was shot.

      If that is the level of your reading comprehension then I strongly suggest a remedial reading course. How in heck can you understand the facts in the study that I posted if you can not make it through the most basic sentences in the opening paragraphs?

      Finally, do not surmise in any way how I might feel or react to any scenario you might create to make a point in your fanciful delusion about the need for guns. You have no knowledge about my views on cops or the work they do, or how mnay cops might be in my family. When you make such statements if shows the lack of foundation that you bring to the matter at hand.

      That matter, as this post states, and has the support to prove it, is that those who carry concealed guns have murdered 8 law enforcement officers. Those are the facts. Get used to it. The families of the killers had to.

    2. Tom

      Scott is SO wrong about the crime stats from other nations. There are over 25,000 handgun deaths in the US every year. There are NO WHERE near the number of such deaths in those ‘liberal nations’.


  2. Rob

    I carry a .45 most of the time. I will never hurt anybody unless I am sure that my life is in danger. I will take a beating without shooting as long as I think it will just be a beating. I will let somebody steal anything of mine without shooting them.

    The good thing about folks like me for folks like you is that while you stand in line or go about your day or plot your next argument against a CHL – a CHL holder might save your life. I feel much more comfortable knowing that there are good citizens with the ability to stop bad citizens (or non-citizens). You, dekerivers, may prefer to be a victim but I refuse. If anybody goes postal here at work, they won’t get more than one or two liberals before I stop them.

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