Finger-Impaired Guitar Player, And The Human Spirit


I had thought this article so good, and my long-time readers understand why given my  appreciation and love for the Grand Ole Opry and Roy Acuff, that I had printed the whole story so it could be read at Caffeinated Politics.  Barton Cromeens,  editor for the Abilene  ReporterNews contacted me and told me to remove it.  He stated it was copyright infringement.  Lets be honest here,  I was getting too much traffic here at my site, and all those numbers should go to the Texas on-line newspaper where the story originated.  (Could it be that the editor in Texas just did not like the fact this story  was on a liberal blog?  And why wouldn’t any writer or editor want as large and diverse a readership as possible?)  If I were a writer I would want my material read by as many as possible, as long as it was linked to the original source.  (Which is always the case on my blog.  It should be noted that this was a rare exception where an entire article was posted at CP.  Had Barton Cromeens taken a moment to look around he would have noted that fact, and perhaps understood how deeply I felt about this particular story to have given it such a placing on CP.) But as we say here in the North, ‘you can always tell a Texan, but you can’t tell ’em much.’  And we all know how that goes…. As such the entire story can be read at the link provided.  Now I hope Barton Cromeens gets some bran and moves his real problem along. 

 There are some stories that reach out to all of us regardless of age or location.  So even if you are not a classic country music fan I think this will convince you that some stories must be told as they are just too good not to be known.    To do this daily blog requires a number of  eclectic ‘Google Alerts’ to  fill my email box so to round out my information base.   Most are rather routine news stories……and then there was this one.  It comes from Abilene, Texas, and goes all the way to the stage of the Grand Ole Opry and Roy Acuff……..this is really a story to read.

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