Sarah Palin Makes For Last Blog Post Of 2009

As I catch up on some magazines at home this evening I read this from Madison Magazine.  Since Sarah Palin has been so much fun to cover this year I think it only proper that I end 2009 with a post about the person who has the most potential for making 2010 a funny and outlandish year.

“… there were things to celebrate in politics this year (the inauguration of our nation’s first African American president comes to mind). But when we look at 2009, it’s hard not to focus on some rough spots.

Sarah Palin’s secrets: No media. No cameras. No cell phones. We have no problem with former VP candidate and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin coming to Wisconsin to promote her book and raise money for Wisconsin Right to Life. But shunning the rest of the public from your event shows one more thing: no guts.


Coloma Wisconsin Public Radio Station 89.1 WHAA Now Fully Funded!

Just received this news!   CP had asked for support from my readers for this cause.  And for all who helped, Thank You!!  The funding goal was met!

We made the match goal! Thank you to all who contributed to this project. 89.1 WHAA is now fully funded. I’ll keep you posted when we’re ready to flip the switch.

Thanks again,
Rick Reyer
Central Regional Manager
Wisconsin Public Radio

‘Little’ Jimmy Dickens Comes In First At Grand Ole Opry

 CP loves ‘Little’ Jimmy Dickens!

This is great news for one of the legends of the Grand Ole OpryBTW, I absolutely agree with the sentiments of the writer that I have highlighted.

  • Out of the 199 Opry shows performed this year Little Jimmy Dickens had the most appearances with 145, and even then he missed a few due to illnesses. Also, among the 31 Opry members, almost half made nine or less appearances. (via That Nashville Sound)

    […] Clint Black last appeared in 2007 with 2 appearances, but before that the last time he was at the Opry was in 2003. Garth Brooks has made 3 appearances since 2000, Tom T. Hall has not been to the Opry in a decade, Dolly Parton has made 4 appearances since 2002 and Randy Travis has appeared just 3 times since 2001. While Reba McEntire made 1 appearance this past year, before that the last time she was on the Opry was in 2000.

    Just the opinion of this writer, but if you are not going to be a part of the show, then leave and make room for others. There is just no excuse for joining and to have the prestige of being an Opry member and then not showing up to support the show. Or even worst, to show up for a special event or when the Opry is going to be televised and you are going to be on the tv portion is just wrong.

  • Continued Concern Over Pope Benedict And ‘Hitler’s Pope’

    There is much concern and frustration over Pope Benedict and his desire to see Pope Pius XII, often known as ‘Hilter’s Pope’, be made a saint.  The Anti-Defamation League released this comment over the rush that Benedict is taking on this matter, without complete examination of the archives. 

    “This apparent campaign of misinformation presented to Pope Benedict makes it all the more crucial for the Vatican to open its Holocaust-era archives to independent scholars and historians now,” said Abraham, H. Foxman, ADL National Director and a Holocaust survivor.  “We reject the claim that the world and aging Holocaust survivors must wait another six years until all 16 million documents from Pope Pius’ papacy are catalogued by the Vatican.  We note that Pope John Paul II opened a cache of Holocaust records from Pope Pius XII before the records of his entire papacy were catalogued.  We request that Pope Benedict take the same courageous decision and order the relevant Holocaust era materials be opened now.”

    History shows that Pius and the Catholic Church need a full examination about this matter.

    How sure is it that Pius disassociated his catholic cult from Hitler and his agenda? In 1941, Cardinal Theodor Innitzer of Vienna informed Pius of Jewish deportations in Vienna. Later that year, when asked by French Marshal Philippe Pétain if the Vatican objected to anti-Jewish laws, Pius responded that the church condemned anti-Semitism, but would not comment on specific rules. Similarly, when Pétain’s puppet government adopted the “Jewish statutes,” the Vichy ambassador to the Vatican, Léon Bérard, was told that the legislation did not conflict with Catholic teachings. Valerio Valeri, the nuncio to France was “embarrassed” when he learned of this publicly from Pétain and personally checked the information with Cardinal Secretary of State Maglione who confirmed the Vatican’s position. In October 1941 Harold Tittman, a U.S. delegate to the Vatican, asked the pope to condemn the atrocities against Jews; Pius replied that the Vatican wished to remain “neutral.” You cannot have a saint who remains neutral on slaughter of humans merely on their personal beliefs.

    “Ed Gein: The Musical” Reflects More About Creators Than Plainfield Killer

    I grew up in Hancock, the town located just to the south of Plainfield where Ed Gein created his own world of madness.  My dad knew Ed Gein in the same way that ‘everybody knows everybody’ in small communities.   My mom would tell how all house doors were locked at all times as the events unfolded in Plainfield, and how she often went to her parents so as not to be at home alone when my dad was at work.  I attended Tri-County Area High School with a granddaughter of one of Gein’s victims.  Like all boys from the area who grew up many years afterwards there was always the attempt on dark nights to try and scare those around with tales of ‘the monster of Plainfield.’

    I understand the human desire to read of the macabre, and know the ‘thrill’ of being scared on those nights when the creepy parts of Gein’s tales were retold.  But I also know there is a great distance from the childhood antics of boys, and the projects undertaken for profit and fame as adults.  It is for that reason that I find it rather disturbing that anyone would try create a musical about Ed Gein.  When one sees an image from the film with Ed Gein dancing with an unearthed victim I am not sure if I should be feeling sorry for the victim, for Gein and his  illness, or for the creators and their attempt at trying to be ‘artistic’.

    Before anyone tries to label me with wanting to limit the rights of others to watch the film, or be made more aware of this horrid slice of Wisconsin history, let me state that is not the case.  As a young writer of a letter to the editor of the Waushara Argus in 1981, it was my view that  former Judge Robert Gollmar who presided over the Ed Gein case had every right to author a book about Gein and the trial.  There were great misgivings around Plainfield at the time about the judge detailing more about the gruesome crime, and the man behind it.  But I felt there was nothing wrong with providing facts on what was already well-known, and possibly allowing for some of the more fanciful and wrong stories to be debunked.   In the area at the time my position was not  a popular one. 

    But there is a deep chasm between a fact based book on the Gein case, and the dance number in a graveyard set to a musical about the killer slated for its premiere this weekend.  Happy Holidays!

    The creators of this film obviously have some talents and skills, along with a love for the big screen.  I do however question their level of understanding about the ways that stories and themes can be presented for audiences.  If they are hoping to be in the business of film and play a part in creating lasting images that tell our stories they may think about the following.  Just as there is a difference between being a painter of portraits and a painter of houses, there is a difference between creating a sensation in the press with a putrid film about Gein, and being distinguished for making a memorable moment on the big screen that passes the test of time.   Finally, the creators need to be reminded that all PR is rarely all good PR.

    Playing to the lowest denominator in the world of film (as this one does) is a one way ticket to needing a real full-time job.

    Karl Rove Undermining Marriage In America

    Wonder if some gay couple was the cause of Karl Rove’s divorce?  Since Karl and his wing-nut party thinks gay people are the root of all that is wrong with marriage in the nation surely there must be a gay couple to blame for the wedding bliss that faded in Rove’s bedroom. 

    Meanwhile screw the privacy request, Karl. We want to know which blind GOP bimbo has made you stain your wedding vows.  And we will find out.

    “Karl Rove and his wife, Darby, were granted a divorce last week,” family spokeswoman Dana Perino told Politico. “The couple came to the decision mutually and amicably, and they maintain a close relationship and a strong friendship. (Oh please, folks with strong and close friendships do not divorce!) There will be no further comment, and the family requests that its privacy be respected.” (Hmmm…no.)

    Can Republican Party Be “Safe For Smarties Again”?

    I have been accused of being elitist and smug when it comes to the fact that I want the best educated and cerebral people running for office and winning elections.  I want ‘the smarties’ running government.  But the dumbing down of our culture at every turn makes me aware that too often the Velveeta crowd is in control, and far too many are comfortable with that outcome.  Therefore I have been interested in conversations about how to turn the tide on such thinking.  One way forward is to change the Republican Party into a place for ‘the smarties’ again.   

    Letters To The Editor today consisted of a series of responses to an argument that the Republican Party needs to stop being so populist and aiming for culture wars, and instead rise up with intelligent arguments in order to broaden its base, and thereby be better prepared to win national elections.  In part some of the letters included these segments.

    Although a registered independent, I have voted Republican in the last six national elections, despite the fact that I am definitely a pro-choice woman. What the Republicans don’t realize is that their “base” who are antichoice have no one else to vote for but a Republican. They are not going to go left and change parties because of this one issue.

     Marion Zola, Beverly Hills, Calif.


     I’ve managed to devise a distilled GOP platform I am confident can succeed: Taxes & Terrorism. The young urban professional shopping alongside me at a Manhattan Whole Foods is as afraid of the “Two T’s” as I am but cannot bear to vote for the party that makes issues such as abortion and gay rights as visible as issues such as our economy, our paychecks and our national security.  

    J.J. Weinstein, New York 


     In my opinion, Sarah Palin and the incoherent rhetoric put forth by her and people like her are not what young voters want from the GOP. They want intelligent people like Rep. Paul Ryan who can make intelligent arguments to respond to the agenda put forth by the Democratic Party. As a young voter, I hope the GOP wakes up and starts getting more policy-oriented in their opposition, with less populist outrage.

     Aaron McCamant, Fort Worth, Texas 

    Levi Johnston Says Sarah Palin “Extremely Vindictive””

    USA Today reports that as the custody battle for the son of Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin heats up the judge in the matter has ruled that the case will remain open to the public.

    Levi Johnston was pleased that the ruling was made in his favor, and for one very obvious reason.

    “I know that public scrutiny will simplify this matter and act as a check against anyone’s need to be overly vindictive, aggressive or malicious, not that Bristol would ever be that way, nor that I would,” Johnston writes in his affidavit, according to the Daily News. “But her mother is powerful, politically ambitious and has a reputation for being extremely vindictive.”

    That and the fact rednecks like Sarah Palin are just loose cannons that need to be monitored.