VW Beetle To End Production

Hat tip to Marion.  (Though it came more like a slug to the stomach.)

I love the VW Beetle.  In fact, I am driving my second new Beetle in less than seven years.  I think that the Beetle, inch for inch, pound for pound, dollar for dollar is one of the most enjoyable, cute, and economical cars to own and drive.  To hear that there is to be an end to the production of these cars makes me sad.  The news comes this Saturday from Marion, at the same time as I open my mail with Season’s Greetings from my friends at Madison’s west-side Zimbrick Volkswagon dealership.  I am most sincere that the guys at the dealership who replace my headlights or give the car an oil change are among the most respectful service personnel I have ever known.  I am mighty picky about my car, so having others treat it as I do means a great deal.   My car salesman from 7 years ago still knows my name and all sorts of crazy details about me after all these years, and makes me feel like my car needs are more important than the sale of any vehicle.   How much better can it be than that when making such a purchase?


When I talk to others about the VW Beetle I  mention solid engineering, seats that are comfortable for longer trips, amazing sound system, great gas mileage, ease of driving and parking, and the nice looks it gets from others on the road.    I know sales have not been what was hoped recently, and the marketing for the Beetle did not generate the hype that had been desired.  So the Beetle production will end come next spring.  If you are out there and always wanted a Beetle, and think the current model is perfect for you, than let me advise you to get to the dealership come spring as there will be deals to be found.  No dealer will want somethign that even though new, appears ‘used and old’ on the lot.

The Final edition VW Beetle will come with a sport tuned suspension, unique 17-inch wheels, and an Aquarius Blue paint job, which looks an awful lot like the Heaven Blue available on non-Final edition Beetles. According to Autoblog, the New Beetle Final edition will cost $20,240 for a hardtop and $27,170 for a convertible.  Be aware however the final edition will be limited in numbers for sale.

So let us take a moment and recall together…..

This next one may have been the best commerical I ever saw for the VW Beetle.  Language need not be understood to smile warmly at this great advertisment!

This spot below in a yellow car makes me smile as I recall some similar memories on Old Sauk Road in Madison.

Beetle Bailey and me in 2003…for short we just called the car ‘Bailey’.  The license plate is in French, and translates to ‘My Dream’.    I think that makes the statement more clear than anything else about my love of the VW Beetle.

In 2008 ‘Azure’ came into our life, and I admit there was an emotional farewell as we moved on with a new model.

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