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Madison, Wisconsin And Jefferson Davis Political Trivia

December 6, 2009

I love to learn new and obscure things that will never really come to light until there is a conversation it can be squeezed into.  Or a blog where it can be plopped in.  Such as now.  The bottom line is I love to know these tidbits, but as James tells me over and over (while smiling)  it is these small bits and pieces that makes sure I never have space in my head for all the important stuff I should know………  When I tell him these nuggets he lets me know I have cluttered up his brain, as he has one of those minds that recalls everything.  Once heard it is “trapped in there”.

I was literally only on page 3 of  “Madison, The Illustrated Sesquicentennial History”” by Stuart Levitan (who is a Madison treasure) when one of those ‘something new’ moments took place.  Though the book came out in 2006 I am just now getting around to reading it.  Though I constantly seem to have my nose in a book, I never seem to be ‘caught up’.


“The next visitor of European descent appears to have been Jefferson Davis, future president of the Confederate States of America, who camped in Madison in the summer of 1829.”

As Levitan notes the first white settler to Dane County, Ebenezer Brigham from Massachusetts, camped near the current corner of King Street on the Capitol Square and predicted a city would one day stand there.  I would like to think that somewhere in that area is where Davis camped too.

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