Video: Bob Schieffer On Tiger Woods

Every Sunday morning there are some constants.  The first is Bob Schieffer.  This morning his ending remarks, which every week are always pertinent and insightful, were doubly so about Tiger Woods.  First, I have often lamented those sports personalities that could not understand part of their public role IS to meet and greet the fans who adore them EVEN when it might be over dinner at a restaurant or other such location.   Second, I think Schieffer’s last sentence, AND the look of his eyes as it was delivered sends just the right tone and substance about infidelity.  There is just no room for it in a healthy relationship or marriage.  Once again Bob Schieffer delivered a power packed interview segment today on the war efforts in Afghanistan, but equally important he put a story that millions also gravitated towards this week into context that needs to be heard.

Take a watch for yourself.

One thought on “Video: Bob Schieffer On Tiger Woods

  1. Aside from Walter Cronkite, Bob Schieffer has always been, to me, one of the voices of reason, trust and integrity on television. Too bad there aren’t more like him. When Dan Rather left CBS, Schieffer took over for him for several months and I was sorry to see him leave that anchor spot. From everything I’ve read about him he’s just a really nice guy—what you see is what you get.

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