Jenny Sanford Finds Self-Respect, Will Divorce Governor Mark Sanford

What took so long?

The Sanfords have been separated since shortly after he admitted the affair in a teary-eyed news conference. Although Ms. Sanford has been living at the family’s beach house on Sullivan’s Island, S.C., with her four sons, the Sanfords have said publicly that they hoped to salvage the marriage. Even Thursday, Mr. Sanford told the news media that he wanted to remain married.

In her court filing, Ms. Sanford cited adultery as the grounds for divorce, according to the document, which was posted by The State newspaper in Columbia, S.C. “The defendant has engaged in a sexual relationship with a woman other than the plaintiff,” the filing says. “The plaintiff has not condoned that relationship and is informed and believes that she is entitled to a divorce” from Mr. Sanford “on ground of adultery.” The filing said other matters, presumably including custody arrangements and money. would be resolved by agreement.

Governor Sanford issued a statement after her announcement saying that while divorce was not the course he would have hoped for or chosen, he nonetheless accepted full responsibility for the “moral failure” that led to it.

2 thoughts on “Jenny Sanford Finds Self-Respect, Will Divorce Governor Mark Sanford

  1. Ferrell Gummitt

    As you say often, as it should be.

    However, Max Baucus Democratic Senator from Montana has exactly been all of that and a bag of chips either…

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