Million Miles In A VW Beetle

In 1965 at age 23 John Mahoney picked up his new VW Beetle in Germany.  He drove through Europe and put 20,000 miles on the car.  In July 2009 the car crossed the million mile marker, as the odometer rolled over for the 10th time.  Here is the story.  The pictures of the cute little bug will bring back many a memory for some of my readers.  For others it might stir up ‘what ifs’ when it comes to the classic looks of the car that so many around the globe love.

Once linked to site above navigate to page 48 with the system, and with the ‘zoom’ icon read the story.  Not the easiest site in the world to read….but still worth it!  They make better cars than they do web sites!

And a reminder VW Beetle will end production next year.

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