Time To Throw Hot Boiling Water Into Frigid Air

Kids should have a bigger kid (like your average dad) to assist.  This little project is most dramatic when the air temperature is below zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Get a mug of boiling water and go out onto the steps of your home.  Lean away from the pavement you walk on and throw the water up into the air.

Watch what happens!

Pretty Cool!

In case you do not think this could be fun….

Spring Knocked At Our Door Today…

…and left the first seed catalog of the year in the mailbox!  When it was so cold that no one wanted to venture outside for anything except picking up the mail, came the first sign that hope was on the way for warmer weather and blooms to brighten the way.  The Burpee Gardening catalog was just the tonic for a cold winter weekend.  Burpee seeds and plants are ones I have come to respect over the past 20 years, and strongly endorse as perhaps the best seed company operating today.  So I looked at the flowers and possibilities in the catalog and my eye kept coming back to page 67 and the notion of lavender scent wafting in the windows on warm summer breezes……only three-and-a-half months and it will be mid-April!  I am not one of those wishing time away as there are so many projects to enjoy this winter and fun to be had.  But you can feel the warmth of the sun in the picture below,  and if you are real quiet the buzz of the bees can be heard too.

Islamic World Needs To Condemn Attack On Artist

Modernity, where art thou?  The Islamic world should stand up and denounce this act of “Revenge!” and “Blood!”

The suspected assailant was wounded by police gunshots to the knee and hand when he resisted arrest after breaking into the home of the artist, Kurt Westergaard, on Friday night, according to a statement issued immediately after the attack by Jakob Scharf, head of the Danish intelligence service, known as PET.

The attack followed years of threats to kill Mr. Westergaard by Islamic militant groups, and appeared to have come perilously close to succeeding.

The 74-year-old artist told his employer, the newspaper Jyllands-Posten, that he had taken refuge from the attack in a fortified bathroom built into his home by the intelligence service, and was there with his 5-year-old granddaughter as the assailant, armed with an ax and a knife, tried to break in.

The newspaper quoted Mr. Westergaard as saying that the attacker shouted “Revenge!” and “Blood!” as he tried to smash down the door in the minutes before the arrival of the police, who had been notified by the artist’s setting off a panic button.

Mr. Westergaard’s cartoon was one of 12 cartoons published in Danish newspapers that included representations of the Prophet Muhammad and which led to the burning of Danish diplomatic offices and businesses in predominantly Muslim countries in 2006.

“The Devil In The White City” Trivia

The 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago…..“lasted just six months, yet during that time its gatekeepers recorded 27.5 million visits, this when the nation’s total population was 65 million.  On its best day the fair drew more than 700,000 visitors…..They tasted a new snack called Cracker Jack and a new breakfast food called Shredded Wheat….The fair occupied over square mile and filled more than two hundred buildings.  A single exhibit hall had enough interior volume to have housed the U.S. Capitol, the Great Pyramid, Winchester Cathedral, Madison Square Garden, and St. Pauls Cathedral, all at the same time.

Erik Larson, The Devil In The White City, p. 4-5

Chicago World’s Fair 1893 Trivia

In all, the workforce in the park (Jackson Park) numbered four thousand.  The ranks included a carpenter and furniture-maker named Elias Disney, who in coming years would tell many stories about the construction of this magical realm beside the lake.  His son Walt would soon take note.

Erik Larson, The Devil In The White City, p.153

Saturday Song: B.J. Thomas “New Looks From An Old Lover”