Local Man Who Beat Puppy To Death Needs Firmness Of The Law

I am quite certain that a  news story which by now most everyone in Dane County has already heard about made us all cringe.  No matter where we heard or read it, part of us went numb and weak inside for a moment.   I first heard of the ruthless and appalling behavior of  Dwayne R. Johnson while listening to the radio while driving home late this afternoon.  Johnson is suspected of beating a puppy to death after having a tiff with his girlfriend.  I gripped the wheel a little tighter and uttered some words that would never get past the censor here at CP. 

I hope that those who have the power to do so make sure that  Johnson gets the firmness of the law applied to the fullest extent possible.  It is these type of actions against animals that showcase the rage and anger that is lurking inside, that often turns into violent acts against people.  There is some serious ‘head-work’ that needs to be done for this suspect.  Society must not allow for any slap on the wrist or other meaningless remedy to be applied.  Someone like this who exhibits such revolting behavior needs professional help in a controlled enviroment.   Now.

Police said Johnson questioned the ownership of his girlfriend’s puppy and said that if he could not have the puppy no one would. 

Police said Johnson then beat the dog with a large flashlight, striking the dog in the head and body numerous times. Johnson then tossed the puppy into a Dumpster, police said.

A veterinarian’s examination of the dog determined the puppy was a 4- to 6-week-old female pit bull that died as a result of “massive head trauma as well as rib fractures,” which punctured the puppy’s lungs, according to a news release from the Fitchburg Police Department.

Police said witnesses who reported the incident were afraid to intervene in the beating due to the size of the suspect (6’ 1” 530 Pounds) and the violent behavior he was engaged in.



Creationists vs. Hubble’s Find Of “Primordial Population” Of Galaxies

What does a creationist say after this find today, the same creationist who claims earth and the heavens are roughly 10,00o years old?

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has reached back 13.2 billion years — farther than ever before in time and space — to reveal a “primordial population” of galaxies never seen before.

“The deeper Hubble looks into space, the farther back in time it looks, because light takes billions of years to cross the observable universe,” the Space Telescope Science Institute said in a statement released Tuesday.

“This makes Hubble a powerful ‘time machine’ that allows astronomers to see galaxies as they were 13 billion years ago — just 600 million to 800 million years after the Big Bang,” the institute said in a statement released Tuesday.

The existence of these newly found galaxies pushes back the time when galaxies began to form to before 500-600 million years after the Big Bang, the institute said.

“These galaxies could have roots stretching into an earlier population of stars. There must be a substantial component of galaxies beyond Hubble’s detection limit,” according to James Dunlop of the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, who was quoted in the release.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice If All Bills Looked Like This?

The December electricity bill was one that drew my attention.  Not for the amount due, as it was not really too bad at all, but instead for the picture that accompanied an insert with the MG&E bill.  A wonderful shot of Madison’s famous and much-loved State Street, which runs from the Statehouse to the UW-Madison, was pictured.  Just another reminder of why we love this city, and all that it offers, as much as we do.

Is Lou Dobbs Contemplating A Third-Party Run?

Here at CP we are so eager for Lou Dobbs to run as a third-party candidate that we would even help him (for mischievous purposes) gain ballot access in Wisconsin.  No one really knows what Dobbs will ultimately do of course when it comes to electoral politics, but I suspect he does not venture onto any ballot anywhere.  Bloviators like Dobbds tend to shy away from being shut down in such public ways as an election would do.

“….he seemed to have genuine concerns for U.S. jobs and empathy for the middle class, yet it’s hard to be a paragon of the people when you have your own plane and preside over a 300-acre farm, Hickory Hollow, in the suburbs of New York City.

He wants us all to buy American, yet that twin-engine Hawker jet of his was made in the U.K. by British Aerospace. He has railed against illegal aliens yet professed support for immigration. He opposed outsourcing, globalization, and unfettered trade yet calls himself a champion of free enterprise. He has little use for unions or corporations.

He’s pro-choice and anti-gun-control. He wants out of Iraq and Afghanistan. He despises “elites” yet is an Ivy Leaguer. He has denounced the Pope, the United Nations, bailouts, and Columbus Day. He called for the impeachment of George W. Bush, and relentlessly skewers Barack Obama, whom he mocks as “our supreme leader.” For the past eight years Dobbs has been a populist madman.

In Spite Of Switzerland, “A Message Of Peace To Muslims”

I was one of those opposed to Switzerland’s ban on construction of new minarets.  Therefore I found this story a most wonderful read.

In November, Switzerland voted to ban the construction of new minarets, the towerlike structures that adorn mosques. A week or so later, in an apparent act of defiance, a new minaret unexpectedly sprang up here.

But the new minaret is not attached to a mosque; this small town near Geneva doesn’t even have one. And it’s not the work of a local Muslim outraged by Switzerland’s controversial vote to ban the structures, which often are used to launch the call to prayer.

[drawing Miranet Tower top]

Instead, Bussigny’s minaret is attached to the warehouse of a shoe store called Pomp It Up, which is part of a Swiss chain. It was erected by the chain’s owner, Guillaume Morand, who fashioned it out of plastic and wood and attached it to a chimney. The new minaret, nearly 20 feet high and illuminated at night, is clearly visible from the main highway connecting Lausanne and Geneva.

“The referendum was a scandal,” Mr. Morand said recently at his cavernous warehouse, near pallets piled high with shoe boxes as pop music played on an old stereo system. “I was ashamed to be Swiss. I don’t have the power to do much, but I wanted to give a message of peace to Muslims.”

Mr. Morand’s provocation has attracted national interest as Switzerland grapples with the fallout of the referendum. On Nov. 29, 58% of Swiss voters approved the ban on new minarets, thus sparking a fresh debate around the world over the integration of Muslims in Western society. While civic and religious leaders in many Muslim countries denounced the ban, the feared backlash against Swiss interests around the world hasn’t materialized.