President Obama’s Brother Speaks About The Poor In Kenya

I found the all-too-short “My Turn” by George Obama in the latest edition of Newsweek sad, and yet somehow hopeful.  Take a read at the last two paragraphs.

I still live in one of Africa’s biggest slums, along with some 4.5 million others. We have little or no access to health care, no welfare, and no free schooling. The average income is less than $5 a day—and that’s for those who find work as servants, taxi drivers, or garbage collectors. For the rest, there is nothing. My brother has risen to be the leader of the most powerful country in the world. In Kenya I hope to be a leader among the poorest, most powerless people on earth—the people of the ghetto.

Hope—it’s an idea my brother talked about a lot. But it was only recently that I learned again what it means to feel the true spirit of that word. Here, a little goes a long way.

Census Form And ‘Negro” A Bad Combination

Is there a box for ‘darkie’ too?

The following story is outrageous, and needs to be dealt with.  We have come too far as a nation to have throw-backs to the days of ‘seperate but equal’ and the images of segregation popping up in our census form.

As federal officials push to get all of us to complete and return our census forms, one word on the forms is sparking controversy. Some people find the answer choice “Negro” old-fashioned and offensive.

The 2010 Census will soon make its way to more than 300-million Americans. Of its 10 questions, number nine asks about race.

Your options include white, Asian Indian, black, or African-American and Negro, the last option is the one raising eyebrows.

A Census official says Negro was included in the 2010 census, to give people more terms to self-identify with.

How about ‘chowder-head’ so the census employee who added ‘negro’ to the list will have a box most appropriate to mark!

Overheard At Dinner

I have often thought a great book to write would be  the collection of random comments heard ‘out and about’ from the conversations of others.  Such as tonight.

James and I were at dinner in a small restaurant on the Isthmus.  Some women were eating and laughing nearby.  One of them states to her table mates, “I hope this boyfriend treats me well enough so I do not feel inspired to cheat.”  The hardest part of such conversations are not to laugh from our table, as we probably should not have been listening……but you know how that goes.

I really do need to keep a reporter’s notebook in my pocket.  There are hundreds of these random thoughts I hear from others that would make a perfect book.   And I bet a market for such a read exists.

(Any curious men can send a description of their girlfriend and I can confirm if she was……no……….not going there.)

Tablet Computers vs. Newsprint On My Fingers

One more advancement.    But there is no way I want to read my newspaper or magazines on one of them.   Give me newsprint on my finger tips!

CEO Steve Ballmer is expected Wednesday night to unveil a new multimedia tablet PC made by Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HPQ), according to a report by The New York Times.

Ballmer is expected to unveil the eagerly awaited touch-screen, slate-style tablet computer during his keynote speech at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The HP tablet, powered by Microsoft’s operating system software, would be a direct strike against Apple (NSDQ:AAPL), which is expected to unveil its own tablet computer in the next several weeks. Here are three reasons a Microsoft-HP tablet PC would trump an Apple offering.

1. The Microsoft-HP Tablet Will Be A Better Value Than The Apple Tablet: You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out which tablet PC offering will be the best buy (NYSE:BBY) for consumers and businesses. Microsoft teaming with PC makers such as HP has always provided a better value than Apple.

2. The Microsoft And HP Machine Will Have More R&D Backing Than Apple: The emerging tablet technology segment is all about research and development. The Microsoft and HP R&D budgets dwarf the Apple R&D effort.

Microsoft spent a whopping $9.0 billion in R&D in fiscal 2009. And HP spent $2.81 billion in fiscal 2009. Compare that to Apple, which spent $1.3 billion in R&D in its last fiscal year.

3. Microsoft And HP Have More Multimedia Muscle Than HP: Microsoft and HP combined have much more multimedia muscle than Apple. All you have to do to see just what kind of multimedia experience Microsoft offers in comparison with Apple is look at Windows 7.