President Obama Makes Me Proud As An American Tonight

There are times when the pride I feel for the underpinnings of our nation is so great, and when the leadership of the nation has spoken with such clarity and conviction, that I get chills up my spine.  Such was the case today when President Obama took the podium and delivered a message regarding the security lapse that allowed for an almost crisis to unfold over Detroit on Christmas Day.  Since that time there has been a non-stop litany of politically charged statements from the opposition, with the attempt to foment fear over objective and clear-headed thinking.  In the midst of the loudness stood not only our President, but also a  constitutional law professor.  If these times do not again call for the clear thinking and analytical ability of such a mind, then I am not sure when it would be required.  With a keen sense for all that our nation holds dear, and all that it must strive to protect, President Obama made one of his most profound and powerful statements as leader of the free world.

Tonight I am proud as an American.  And I know that many of my fellow citizens feel the same.

Here are the words, and video of his remarks that stirred my soul.  President Obama is giving voice again to my convicitons.

To advance that progress, we’ve sought new beginnings with Muslim communities around the world, one in which we engage on the basis of mutual interest and mutual respect, and work together to fulfill the aspirations that all people share — to get an education, to work with dignity, to live in peace and security. That’s what America believes in. That’s the vision that is far more powerful than the hatred of these violent extremists.

Here at home, we will strengthen our defenses, but we will not succumb to a siege mentality that sacrifices the open society and liberties and values that we cherish as Americans, because great and proud nations don’t hunker down and hide behind walls of suspicion and mistrust. That is exactly what our adversaries want, and so long as I am President, we will never hand them that victory. We will define the character of our country, not some band of small men intent on killing innocent men, women and children.

And in this cause, every one of us — every American, every elected official — can do our part. Instead of giving into cynicism and division, let’s move forward with the confidence and optimism and unity that defines us as a people. For now is not a time for partisanship, it’s a time for citizenship — a time to come together and work together with the seriousness of purpose that our national security demands.

That’s what it means to be strong in the face of violent extremism. That’s how we will prevail in this fight. And that’s how we will protect our country and pass it — safer and stronger — to the next generation.

Jay Leno Pooped Out In Prime Time, Back To Late Night

Who could not see at least the first part of this story coming true.  Jay Leno’s prime time show is empty, nothing more than a mere imitation of the late night show.  As such NBC is putting the brakes on the shallow ratings.  And lets be honest, the late show with Leno was just not very watchable either.  Bottom line…..nothing  has been the same since Johnny Carson ruled late night with the best blend of comic timing and interesting talk. 

We’ve learned Jay’s 10:00 PM show will go on hiatus February 1. After the Olympics, Jay will take back his 11:30 PM time slot. What has not been decided — whether Jay’s show will be a half hour, followed by Conan, or whether Jay’s show will be an hour and NBC says sayonara to Mr. O’Brien.

We’re told Jay and Conan have both been told of the changes. As for Jay, interestingly, he’ll get what he always wanted — his 11:30 PM time slot.

Is This Leadership?

Who lines up behind a guy like this?

When the Republican Party’s national chairman, Michael Steele, was asked on Sean Hannity’s syndicated radio program earlier this week if he believed Republicans could win the House, he replied: “Not this year.”

One day later, after facing considerable criticism from his own party, he revised his assessment in an interview with MSNBC. “Yes, we can,” Mr. Steele said.

Chicago Abuzz Over Mark Kirk And The Gay Rumor

This simmering story  for Mark Kirk has been one of the side effects of his belonging to a political party that has severe issues about sexuality and gay rights. 

CP has long-held the following view on these matters.   If you are gay and running for office, or are currently in office, then there needs to be honesty about the matter if you are talking against gay rights, or voting against gay people and issues, under the cover of being straight.  While there is a nastiness for those who use the ‘gay rumor’ for political purposes (such as Andy Martin is doing) there is also a need to recognize that as long as candidates shy away from being honest with themselves and the public about their sexuality then they are continually open to this form of public blackmail.  One further step would be for all candidates who are confronted with these matters to make public statements that a persons sexuality is not important when considering a run for public office.  By working to end the stigma about being gay, that those like Andy Martin are trying to continue using, the GOP could actually do something positive for the nation.

Republican primary frontrunner for Senate Mark Kirk today denied rumors advanced in political attack ads that he was a homosexual.

Speaking at the Union League Club concerning his recently completed Naval Reserve duty in Afghanistan, Kirk said simply: “No, it’s not true.”

To which he added that he’s getting tremendous support from his constituents concerning the issue.

Kirk’s sexuality has been a topic of political conversation since primary challenger Andy Martin suggested Kirk was gay in a radio ad last week.

Andy Martin, a fringe candidate who pushes the idea that President Obama is a Muslim and is known for suing the state of Hawaii to produce a ribbon copy of Obama’s birth certificate, has a history of salacious allegations and frivolous lawsuits.

His advertisement asserts that there’s “solid rumor that Mark Kirk is a homosexual” and that he’s part of the “Republican Party homosexual club.”

During Kirk’s conference this morning, Martin was protesting outside.

CP wants to know if Fred Phelps was holding  Andy Martin’s hand…or anything?

Tory David Cameron Echoes American Liberals About Iraq War And Tony Blair

David Cameron is one of the interesting international figures to watch.  From the day Tony Blair left the office of British Prime Minister all eyes have been fixated on Cameron as there is little doubt the Tories will prevail in the next election.  David Cameron is a member of the Conservative Party, and yet his comments about Tony Blair and the former PM’s sheepish ways concerning the Iraq War and President Bush are what many liberals on this side of the Atlantic also think. 

You’ve said you want a relationship with America that is “solid but not slavish,” which was interpreted as a dig at Tony Blair. How specifically did the Blair-Bush relationship harm the United Kingdom?

The damage that was done was that Tony Blair wasn’t positive enough in raising questions and issues [about the invasion of Iraq and postwar planning], which the candid friend should always do. That’s not just a British perspective; I’ve heard that from senior American Republican politicians, who said sometimes you’d expect Blair to raise some questions and points and he didn’t. That I think is the problem. I think that Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Winston Churchill all understood how to make the relationship work. Of course, we’re the junior partner, but we have much to offer.

The interview also provided these refreshing comments from who most agree will be the next prime minister.

… would be a great pleasure, if I was to be elected, to work with a U.S. president who believes that climate change is real, is happening, is man-made, and needs to be dealt with. There’s a great commonality of agreement about what we should do. Obviously the first thing on the list would be Afghanistan. I’m delighted with what President Obama has done [there]. I just got back from there. The sense of can-do optimism and grit of the U.S. commanders is really inspiring because they really recognize that we’ve got one last chance to fix this problem and they want to put every shoulder to the wheel to make it work.