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Tory David Cameron Echoes American Liberals About Iraq War And Tony Blair

January 7, 2010

David Cameron is one of the interesting international figures to watch.  From the day Tony Blair left the office of British Prime Minister all eyes have been fixated on Cameron as there is little doubt the Tories will prevail in the next election.  David Cameron is a member of the Conservative Party, and yet his comments about Tony Blair and the former PM’s sheepish ways concerning the Iraq War and President Bush are what many liberals on this side of the Atlantic also think. 

You’ve said you want a relationship with America that is “solid but not slavish,” which was interpreted as a dig at Tony Blair. How specifically did the Blair-Bush relationship harm the United Kingdom?

The damage that was done was that Tony Blair wasn’t positive enough in raising questions and issues [about the invasion of Iraq and postwar planning], which the candid friend should always do. That’s not just a British perspective; I’ve heard that from senior American Republican politicians, who said sometimes you’d expect Blair to raise some questions and points and he didn’t. That I think is the problem. I think that Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Winston Churchill all understood how to make the relationship work. Of course, we’re the junior partner, but we have much to offer.

The interview also provided these refreshing comments from who most agree will be the next prime minister.

… would be a great pleasure, if I was to be elected, to work with a U.S. president who believes that climate change is real, is happening, is man-made, and needs to be dealt with. There’s a great commonality of agreement about what we should do. Obviously the first thing on the list would be Afghanistan. I’m delighted with what President Obama has done [there]. I just got back from there. The sense of can-do optimism and grit of the U.S. commanders is really inspiring because they really recognize that we’ve got one last chance to fix this problem and they want to put every shoulder to the wheel to make it work.

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