Comic Contributor Coming To Fox News

If this is not a joke, what would one call it?  Fair and balanced journalism?  HA!  This is a sign that Sarah Palin means to stir the political pot in the years to come but knows she can never run for president. (Or possibly even think of winning.)  Palin is looking to make money on her teabagging fame.  (Did we not hear that this was her goal from Levi Johnston?}  Where will all her supporters turn now for a candidate in 2012?   Again CP laughs. 

The former Alaska governor has signed a deal with Fox News to appear as a contributor on the network, a source with knowledge of the agreement confirms to CNN.

There are no plans for Palin to anchor her own program, the source said.

“Let’s first hope for [Fox News President] Roger Ailes’ sake that she doesn’t quit that job the way she quit her job as governor of Alaska,” Begala joked.